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FireUps® is the first internet marketing service to focus on the granite shop. To build solutions that are scalable, portable and increase opportunities for sales. To provide tracking and ROI monitoring solutions to track customers through the buying process. We have helped granite fabricators all over the US in various stages of growth address issues and bring sales back on track. We are your best resource to get your sales back on track and we have resources to help with many aspects of your fabrication business.
FireUps® is 100% Focused on granite Granite Countertops Businesses.

How we do it:

  • We Listen to your Needs, Goals & Budget.

  • We Evaluate your local market.

  • We implement the solutions to reach your goal.

  • We Generate Results, FAST!

How many more sales do you want this month? 10- 20- 30?

  • Over 15 Million in sales generated for our countertop customers
  • Results in days not weeks or months
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • No Contracts Required
  • Leads are exclusive
  • We actually market your business.


Virtual Kitchen Designer (VKD)

Create a better user experience for your customers landing on your website. Customize to your select colors and capture custeorms earlier in the buying process. The VKD integration is a snap with and Iframe or a Link.  Increase your website relevance and position your self for better rankings
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Instant Countertop Estimator (ICE)

Give the people what they want! For the internet shopper price point research is an important part of the process. With the ICE application you can give them what they want and collect contact information in the process. Grab the customer earlier in the process With ICE!
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LocalGraniteMarketingTargeted Local Granite Countertops Website(s)

Whether you want to target a certain market or simply want to gain higher placement in your current market. We have the knowledge and the resources to tap into the the major search engines for your local market.
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New Kitchen Designer with your photo!

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Countertop Manufacturing in the US: Market Research Report

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Spark Lead Management CRM and Workflow Management

Spark helps you dial in your countertop business. Track your countertop advertising and move money to where its most effective. Track staff and workflow to increase your conversion. Smart. I...

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