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  • All leads are Exclusive.

    We beleive that the consumer should educate themselves on you before they become a lead.

  • *365 Leads, 80 Sales, Cost Per Sale Less than $50

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We Are Granite Marketing Specialist

For the past 5 years we have lived, breathed and ate granite countertops. Not literaly ;). We know what makes the phone ring and what makes it stop ringing. We know how to help you grow your business and make a big splash in the local market. The question is are you ready?

We have generated over 15 million in countertops sales for our customers. We have customers that are looking for 2-3 more sales per month to those that do over 80 per month. Our programs are taylored to your granite marketing needs.

What makes FireUps® so great?

We know your business. We have a huge network of business people just like you that are successful on our programs. We are your partner in growing your business. Our model is based on your long term success.

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How many more installs can you handle this month?

We have a system to reduce your upfront costs and put your message in market to immediatly impact your sales pipeline. We help you define your sales goals and monitor your return. In most cases we can impact your business in the first week of working with us!

Market & Business Analysis

Before you can make the local market your customers you need to figure out who you are.

Local Website Design & SEO

We have the tools to put you message on the web and drive your customers throguh the buying process

Tracking & Reporting

We record all lead activity and enable you to monitor your ROI in real-time.

What makes FireUps® even better?

We base our business on our ability to create results. Actual sales for your business. We do this very quickly by leveraging our national infrastructure of websites. Our Process to gathering local market intel and backing that up with a solid local SEO strategy drive long term results.

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Leading Products and Services

We build and manage applications that are designed to quickly and efficiantly help the customer through the buying process on our websites. These website we monitor for effectivness as we have a very high 10% conversion ratio for all of our properties.

Instant Countertop Estimator

Customer are using the internet for price compairison shopping... give them what they want.

This application can be installed on your current website.

Virtual Kitchen Designer

Some customers are interested in viewing certain colors in a kitchen setting. this virtual kitchen designer is designed specifically for the countertop industry and is very easy for the consumer to use.

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is very important to us. *We will provide you a 30 day money back guarantee on all services that are NOT provided by third parties we manage. eg. PPC media buys

We are your virtual marketing department.

Our goals are aligned in driving more business for your stone business. We are able to instantly produce results for you because of our exisiting infrastructure and brands already in market.

Programs Start $199/Month

We understand that budgets can be tight and there is so much noise out there as to what is the right thing to do, so we have devised a program that starts you out with minimal out of pocket expense and starts you off with the right tools to get ther job done.

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