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FireUps Internet Website Design services.

A Website is a tool. A tool, when built correctly, will generate more sales for your business, BUT a website can't do it alone.

FireUps builds websites that generate results as well as are visually appealing. By creating a balance between how a visitor views the website and how a Search engine will index your site creates a perfect balance that generates results. FireUps Uses Google analytics to actually construct your website. We will put together a design that is both visually appealing and indexable. Then we drive traffic to the site and monitor the effectiveness of the site. Based on this data collected we make adjustments and track conversions to sales.

Website Design

Design is a function of presentation and branding. We will ask you to provide sites that you like and sites that you donít like. Based on this information we will have an understanding of how you would like your brand presented on the Internet.


Development is where we build in efficiencies into the design process and search engine optimization. We program pages to be indexable by the search engine and are efficient for maintenance and modification all while maintaining the Users Experience.

Content Management

Keeping your website up to date is of the utmost importance. We have an extranet application (website accessible through password protection) that enables control over all content of your website.

Creative Direction

We have 15 years of creative direction expertise for many lead generation firms. Lead generation is the practice of targeting positioning and creating an action such as the completion of a form that is emailed to you or causing the phone to ring.

Marketing Direction

We have 10 years of Marketing Direction expertise connecting adverting channels to websites. With some specific techniques we are able to qualify the traffic generated to your website and monitor the effectiveness of each channel. In many cases we are able to fast track this due to our experience in certain niche markets.


All of our websites are hosted on a dedicated service that we manage and Crystaltech supports. please feel free to review the extensive details provided concerning why we have selected CrystalTech as our dedicated hosting provider.


The reason we have been in business for 15 years is our dedication to providing the highest level of support. Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We partner with you and our revenue is tied to your "ONGOING" success with our programs and services. This puts us in the ring with your and creates and WIN WIN relationship that has proven to be very sucessful.

Our team will create a sales site for you. We monitor and track the effectiveness and deploy techniques specific to your service provided. We will locate niche keywords and deploy many of the services listed on this website to achieve the optimal results.

All of this is ultimately in an effort to make your website the authority and to fast track your ďFREEĒ listings in the search engines. This is where you are then able to see the true fruit of our labor.

We will work with you to understand how to manage your costs and manage this new channel of business. This service is scalable in that you have control over how much new business you want.

As you can see we donít just build websites. We build a solution that actually generates business. Is there any other reason to be on the Internet other then to claim your corner and promote your offers.

So in the end we are full service Direct Marketing and Small Business Consultants. With all of these tools at our finger tips we can help you leverage the internet to actually create more business the right way with controls while very respectful of budget constraints. Our goal is to constantly increase your Return on Investment. Example if you started with a $1500 budget we are going to set a sales goal with you that is reasonable and its our job to exceed that expectation. And in many cases we have exceeded these expectations 10x.

How much does it cost?

Don't think of it as cost... Think of it as an investment and with this investment what will be my return? Our team provides an Opportunity Review and Estimated Investement to the Potiential Return. You then take that and apply it to your current advertising costs and we will then figure out where you need to be now and ultimately where you want to be. The sweet spot for most small businesses is between $1000 and $2500 per month to see immediate results.

We have no obligations and the consultation is FREE so contact us today.


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Custom software skills used for server side or client side programming for the Web. Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS are commonly used to implement unique functions or to automate services and enhance the delivery of your site's online functionality.