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Fuel Inventory Management
Inventory Management!

Managing your inventory just got a lot easier!.

With Fuel You can manage all of your inventory including remnant inventory with a couple clicks. Just imagine being able to have instant access as a sales person to all of the stone and remnant stone right at your figer tips when the customer calls. Now you can with Fuel!

Grnaite Inventory Manager

Fuel Provides:

  • Inventory management - Sinks, faucets, slabs, Sealers, any consumables that you wish to track.
  • Remnant Management - Sales can now know instantly what remnant stock is available and ease the pain of the remnant customer call
  • Images can be uploaded of the slab to Picasa or any image management site and can be referenced by the URL easily.
  • InStock or Sold
  • Even integrate with Paypal or google cart for consumables with ease.
  • Filter the inveotry on color, Price,width height or search on stock number
  • Easy website integration of remnant stock.
  • Future: Integration with remnant Stock marketing site.
  • Future Share Program: Enabling you to sell your remnant stock to other fabricators selling your remnant and allowing you to buy it from others

- I don't know how we survived without it.
-Tom TX

- My showroom now has access to remnant inventory to sell like never before.
- Cindy NH

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