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Website Keyword Marketing Research

Keywords are the back bone of the internet with out this concept we would not have search. Everyhting would be based purly on the domain.

Keywords lead directly into SEO in that part of your ranking is based on the keywords of your page and the density of those keywords as well as the anchor text of the links linking to you.

  1. Anchor text of external Links
  2. Link popularity of the link you link to
  3. On page Keyword usage
  4. registration and hosting data
  5. Traffic and click through data
  6. Social Metrics
  7. trust and authority of the domain

These are all factors that define where you rank with search engines. as we resently learned non leading search engines also use data from click stream traffic on google to evaluate their rankings.

We help you to select keywords through a process that defines the actual keywords that generate revenue. this is different that keywords that generate traffic. if you rank #5 for a keyword term that does not generate sales ... then why bother.

We ensure that we not only increase your business but we do it the right way.

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1. Keyword in the URL
Just make sure that your URL is in the form www.example.com/green-widgets (.htm or .php or .aspx or whatever). Avoid URLs without the keyword eg www.example.com /products.htm?id=1234567. No matter what you use to create your site, there will be a way to put the keyword in the URL - so use it. For the URL it is best to have only the keyword and no other junk.

2. Keyword in the title
It is also easy to use the keyword in the page title, eg "Red Widgets for sale | Example.com". Do not repeat titles on all your pages, and do not dilute keywords by putting the same keyword in all your titles. Some extra wording in the title is a good idea, especially if it is good english and reads well.

3. Keyword in the only <h1> tag.
When you describe your green widget, there should be a header above your description. Just add <h1> tags, eg <h1>High quality red widgets for sale</h1>. The title should also have some extra wording that is different from the title wording.

And thats all you need to do tell Google what keyword to use for your page - and Google will do exactly what you say. Of course to rank *highly* for this keyword you will need to get some links - but that is a different subject!