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Spark Lead Management!

We are strong believers in you cannot measure what you do not track. So we have built a software application to do just that.

We are able to manage all your current lead sources as well as the business we drive to you. Our system collects information from your website(s) and from the phone system to provide you with management tools for the customers lifecycle.

Spark Dashboard
With the spark lead management dashboard you can see in an instant how the system is performing as well as how your sales team is performing. You may also instantly see all leads that need to be managed and initiate correspondence with them. With the filter feature you can quickly locate a lead from part of a phone number, last name or email address.

This system is able to do more than collect and manage lead data, it can provide you with:
  • valuable closing data and help you to evaluate your current staff and business process.
  • You can learn where in the sales cycle you may have issues.
  • Learn how to close certain customers.
  • You will know your closing ratio as a fact and not as a number that feels good.
  • You will also beable to track the effectiveness of every dollar spent on advertising and choose to spend your money where you have the greatest return on your inventment meaning the most money in your pocket.

Spark Mobile AppSpark has gone mobile! - Spark automatically detects whether you are on a web browser or a mobile browser and enables you to manage your leads on the road. The mobile version does not have all of the rich features of the online version but it does enable you to review your leads and manage your leads from any mobile device that has a data connection.

  • Manage the lead status
  • Add Notes from a conversion
  • Edit the lead contact information
  • Set estimate, template and installation appointments.
  • Auto dial directly from the lead details page.
  • Have all of your prospects in your pocket!

- I'm busier then a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest!, I don't know how we survived without it.
-Tom TX

- My showroom now has access to remnant inventory to sell like never before.
- Cindy NH

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