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Increase Website Link Popularity

Did you know that link popularity is over 40% of what google looks at for where you rank in organic search? That's right 40%!

And its the most neglected part of your SEO marketing strategy. Now the WRONG thing to do is going out and buy 1000 PR4+'s for your site. Thats going to get you flagged and then your out of the race.

  1. 20% is who you link to
  2. 20% is who links to you
  3. Specific techniques are used to ensure that you get the rankings you are looking for.
  4. its not about quantity - Its about quality

To do it the right way you want to create compleling content for your site. You want to publish a compelling service on your site. You want to write articles and blogs all in an effort to be recognized and "Linked" to.

Don't forget to link to others either.. the quality of your link is just as important as the link to you.

One great tool we have to help manage your linking efforts in one of our TOP secret projects LocalLinker. We have not truly done a public release yet as we are still in beta but feel free to check it out and tell your friends..

This site is designed based on the white hat rules of the link building game. We provide a venue for like minded site owners to create and account and build links with liek businesses. We provide tools for reviewing ranking as well as a free business listing. The idea is if you could link to other businesses that might talk to your clients or are in industries that consume your services then you link to them. You dont want to link to your competition. That does not make any sense now does it.

Then Others will come into the site and link to you. You are in control of who you link to. Just like you are today. and others can link to you and they control who they link to.

On the back end you can install the link managment script as HTML PHP or any script that consume the RSS feed of links. All the links are managed in realtime and you may remove links at any time.

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