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Pay-Per-Click Management & Optimization

Pay per click management services helps you create campaigns which drive new business. Immediatly. We have been managing PPC campaigns for 15 years for various business sectors from 1K to 250k monthly budgets.

PPC is the best way to learn about your market, to learn what they respond to and how to drive ROI. One of the main reasons that a business owner fails when starting out with PPC for the DIY business owner is that they are not aware of a couple simple factors. We can tell your future

  1. Its all about the promotion. - everything else is important but if you don't have a good promotion all other efforts will be for not. The internet customer is typically price concious first and quality and service second.
  2. Your website has to be able to sell don't drop users on a site that you dont like or you would not buy from.
  3. You have to maintain an above average click though rate for your entire campaign
  4. You have to be in top 3 position for a couple keywords
  5. You need to fish where the fish are. Understand who you are buying from.
  6. You have to look at your numbers daily and be able to see progress
    1. how many impressions?
    2. how many clicks?
    3. whats my CTR?
    4. on my website what are my page views?
    5. whats my bounce rate?
    6. whats my time on site?
    7. is my phone ringing, webform submission, or orders?
    8. how many sales?

      These are the questions you will need answers to build a successful PPC campaign to ensure that every dollar spent generates the sales you are looking for. - Or work with us and we will handle this for you.

    FireUps specializes in collecting market intellegance through PPC campaigns to drive organic SEO efforts to supliment funds spent through PPC. Lets make some money first to invest in your organic positioning second.

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1. Define your goals and what strategy you want to use to reach these goals.

2. Gather Data. There is nothing more important than making informed decisions.

3. Keyword level Tracking. As, I mention in point 2 it is important for you to gather data to make informed decisions.

4. Bid on approriate keywords. Its a general theory and common misconception that the more keywords you bid on the better. Well theoretically you will drive more traffic to your site but it will not be relevant.

5. Target proper landing pages. Finding the ideal landing page can take some trial and error, but for a general rule, it is best to use as relevant a page as possible.

6. Scare factor. Avoid flashy images, videos, bright colors or music on your landing pages.

7. Easy Landing pages. Yes, the third point about landing pages is make sure they are focused enough to get the user to do what you want.

8. Stick to the majors. Sure you can go out there and sign up with every engine or PPC program but are you really going to see the return on your investment.

9. Prepare for seasons. It is always a wise idea to prepare campaigns that fit the seasons.

10. More data. Did I already say this? Well I can't stress it enough. If you are just using the consoles that Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing provide, you are missing a lot of important information.