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Grow Your Granite Business

Grow your granite businessGrow your granite business with us today.

Grow your granite business on the internet just got a lot easier. We specialize in working with custom stone fabricators. We track industry trends and evaluate local competitors on a daily basis. We are in the business of building your business to be the market leader. We know when to make changes and what changes to make. We provide you with insight into your specific market that you can build your business on.

Here we will go over the basics of working together to grow your granite business

  • You want to increase sales
  • We want a long term relationship
  • We will discuss:
    • Infrastructure to support direct sales
    • Tracking and monitoring sales funnel
    • Strategies to convert leads to sales
  • We will construct the consumer flow.
    • This flow is based on our experience since 2009 marketing to your customers
  • We will track all calls and web-forms that we generate for you
    • Spark Lead Manager
  • You will track your interaction with leads through the closed sale
  • We adjust strategy to reach targeted ROI  goals

Frequently asked questions

  • I already have a website, are you going to change it?

    • Not necessary: We will construct a micro website that is designed based on our years of experience driving consumers looking to buy granite.  Our secret sauce is baked right into what we do. We have a network of websites that already have your customers on them just waiting for you to arrive.
  • I already have a website and run my own PPC campaigns?

    • Real life story, a partner transitioned to a self managed campaign on the same micro website that we created for him. He ran the exact same budget amount and generated 40 lead in a month. He handed the account back over to us with the same budget and we generated 78 leads.
      • This is what we do, everyday - You run a custom countertop business - Do what you do best and let us do what we do.
  • How Long is the contract?

    • Not required, we have an agreement that gives us permission to market your company. Each time you renew your ad funds you are extending the agreement.
  • How fast will i see results?

    • immediately upon launch. We have specific goals defined for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and month 1 and month 2.
  • Is this "Oragnic SEO" or "Search Engine Marketing"?

    • Yes, and more. We don't believe that you should do one or the other. We leverage the power of all strategies and the advantages of each to grow your business.

Let's Grow your granite business

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Cabinet Website Design

Cabinet website design is also part of the solutions that we offer. the more granite companies that we work with the more partners also have a cabinet offering as well.

We have been marketing cabinet sales and installation services for 4 years typically in conjunction with our granite partners. This solution enables you to promote your cabinet business under a co-brand just like our solution. Many installers find that they are able to build a direct marketing channel and sell from a position of knowledge. If you are an installer looking to branch out to direct sales contact us for more details. we will be happy to help position you for success.
We know many of the pitfalls of working with cabinets and marketing them online.
We find ways to focus on how we can differentiate you in the complicated market place.
We help you set expectations and generate results in days, we have specific goals that are set and when reached ensure scale-able growth.

Cabinet Marketing and advertising Services we offer:

cabinet Branding & brand Development
Local Online cabinet Marketing
cabinet Business consulting & Positioning
cabinet Market Analysis & Competitive analysis?
cabinet Website Design and Development
cabinet PPC advertising
cabinet Organic SEO Optimization
cabinet Content Development Strategies
cabinet Content Implementation Strategies
cabinet Review Management
cabinet Review Marketing Strategy
and more... We are your virtual marketing arm.

2018 granite countertops websites

Our Granite Countertops Websites ROCK!

We have been creating market leading websites for our partners now for 8 years. We understand what the "Buyer" is looking for, and we give it to them.  we optimize for conversions and not for pretty pictures or flying animations. If you are looking for results (=sales) call us 877 877 1916.
Google is now looking for AMP enabled websites and giving preferred placement for them in mobile search. The mobile traffic on the internet is growing more and more every day. you cant ignore the mobile experience any longer.
This is an example of a recent granite countertops website that is AMP'd for mobile user experience. The website is created for both online and mobile user experience. Google now is giving priority placement for websites that provide a AMP'd User experience. basically this strips all the extraneous content and helps the website load fast and get the customer to the content as quick as possible. The nice part about this is that if they are interested in your mobile version of the website at the bottom of each page they can jump out of it.
The gallery was not found!
If your looking for pretty pictures and animations, and low sales... call them.

$20,000,000 per year in sales for our partners!

We have reached $20,000,000 in sales per year for our countertop partners.

Thank you to our partners for working with us as partners to build on our success. We have a turn key solution to help custom stone fabricators reach a local audience and develop a sales and marketing strategy that can help them grow in to the local powerhouse.
Our program works by working together to define a program goals and objectives and adjusting our message to ensure that we maximize on the local market potential. The difference between success and failure is razor sharp. With our program we are able to in a short time and based on our 10 years of marketing customers countertops we are able to impact your custom stone shop in a short time.
The bases of our success is communication. With open communication we are able to drive response, track consumer flow and track Return on investment. With this information your are able to control and grow your business as you see fit.

Sounds too good to be true, I know, it's NOT!... call 877 877 1916

Join us with a partnership in your local market. 

Countertops Estimator - Drag n Drop resizing

We have launched the new countertop Estimator.

Website visitors now can create a representation of the kitchen with a couple clicks.
The size of the countertops is calculated for the user.
To add a new countertop piece simply double click and resize.
The default size of the piece is to standard counter top width.
Customize the color scheme to match your website.
Embed the application into your website or social media pages.
Once the customer adds contact information the details of the estimate are emailed to the website visitor and the local representative in real time.

This video shows you how the new instant countertop Estimator works.

The NEW Countertop Estimator makes inputing your measurements a couple clicks of a mouse and you can share a visual representation of your countertops and receive a free consultation from a local representative with no obligation.

Click here to try out the New Instant Countertop Estimator

Your email notification contains contact details as well as size and pricing information.

Demo the instant Countertop Estimator application here:

Interact with your website visitors in near to real time.

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New National Brand HomeMakeover- for home remodeling professionals

Join our new brand or co-brand designed for full home remodeling professionals. Services such as kitchens ,bathrooms, additions, and more. Basically any home remodeling and renovation services provided (initial launch

This brand provides exposure and the ability to promote your business locally. By partnering with this brand you benefit from national exposure and the ability to promote services and price points that you may not typically promote on your branded website.
This brand is focused on renovation and remodeling services. Service that you should provide are kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as flooring framing Sheetrock and more. Providing permitting and general contracting services would be the best fit for this brand.
With this service you can track and monitor ROI separate from any other marketing and referral efforts. We can immediately capitalize on messages that resonate with the retail customer and increase sales. Then we can take what we learn in a few short weeks and apply these techniques to your traditional advertising and business model.
We take a budget and apply direct marketing techniques to it. We then track all actions performed on this property through the sale. This then provides you with ROI. With this we then can tweak the performance to ensure that we are optimizing sales, labor and margin.

Contact Us today to learn more about how it works. 877 877 1916


Some additional Brands are:

Our flagship brand. We have over 50 partners that either brand themselves granite makeover or co-brand on this platform. Local Granite fabricators are immediately able to increase demand for services and grow sales with this brand that has been in market since 2009. With our national advertising customer in all US markets may already have been exposed to the brand and ready to do business with you. We provide powerful tools for converting these website visitors into customers ready to buy from you.

Like the name the focus is on cabinet and countertop Sales. This brand is great for companies that provide both products. By localizing this brand we are able to attrack customers that are looking to remodel kitchens or bathrooms. Providing services such as cabinet and custom countertops are required but also flooring tile and wood as well as some framing and permitting experience would be helpful.


Quartz Makeover, like granite makeover is a brand that is more focused on the up and coming quartz countertop market. If your business leans more towards providing quartz countertops then this could be the brand for you.

Affordablecabinets-NH-Logo[1]Affordable  Cabinets

We can use this brand image to create a property for you in your local market. By positioning you with this brand image we are able to drive the retail customers to you for design, sales, and installation services for the consumers cabinet needs. With all the various RTA companies all over the internet the national company cant provide installation services. This can be the local cabinet companies advantage to provide a turn key package and market as a local business.

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Some Local marketing FAQ's

Who is the typical company that utilizes this type of service?

  • A company that is strapped for marketing resources
  • A company that is finding that current marketing efforts are not quite as effective as before
  • A company realizing that they need to increase retail sales to reach ROI targets
  • A company that is looking for a controllable marketing solution.
  • A company that wants to increase exposure during slower time of the year.
  • A company that wants to test the waters on a new service they offer.

How much does the service cost?

  • There is a distinct set of variables that define costs.
    • Market interest in product or service
    • Cost to drive the message
    • Message ability to convert to contact
    • Sales conversion rate.
  • We ask you a series of questions around these values and then project your estimated cost per sale.
  • Then we go to market if we are close to the ROI target in the first 30 days we can scale your business to the top of your target market.
  • To retain exclusivity of a brand in a market you will commit to a

Is this Search Engine optimization or Search engine marketing?

  • Yes! and more
    • We use various methods to get immediate exposure to the message
    • once we have dialed in your message we then begin the search engine optimization.
    • over time we will then deploy various methods of online marketing to increase and maintain your exposure.

How is this better than all the other marketing programs and lead services?

  • We are marketing your business
  • We are not a lead generation business although that is a product we produce.
  • We are a internet marketing and Advertising Company.
  • We provide track-able ROI to actual dollars in your bank account.


Contact Us today to learn more about how it works.
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