We are looking to partner with countertop companies all over the United states and Canada for our countertop marketing Program.

"Rising Tide lifts all boats"

With our experience marketing custom countertops all over the US and driving retail sales for our partners we have a proven formula to drive new business. We have gathered all this experience and developed a network of websites that work together to drive top exposure and the ability to engage and grow our network of fabricators.

This is similar to a referral program

We send you 10 contacts : when you close 1 , you will invest part of this into driving more customers.

We invest the money that you send us into driving more customers to you.

You have no risk in this equation because you are sending us a referral fee based on a sale you closed. We will invoice you for advertising so it is a write off for your business.


FireUps Countertop Marketing Since 2008Market Exposure + Sales Funnel + Sales Tracking = Measured/Controlled Growth

We integrate your brand or a brand with Granite makeover in your target market. We have various local targeted websites also that already rank in various markets. We leverage th

How it works

  1. Contact us and let us know the area you want to target.
  2. We will do a quick review of your local market and determine an effective strategy to gain exposure.
  3. When we agree on the strategy we will launch your company on our network
  4. We track all responses and provide a CRM to track sales and measure your Return on investment.
  5. With this data we know how to grow your business in the local market and can begin to scale your sales

How Much?

In markets that we do not currently have a partner we will do the setup for Free and send you the first 10 contacts for free. This is our way of testing you out as a long term partner. We are not interested in selling leads like the other guys. We are interested in developing your company and growing your direct sales. We are looking for a target return on investment based on the number of contacts we send to you. When we see this return we will continue to grow your exposure and increase the business we send you. If we are not able to meet this ROI goal then we both move on.

How does this impact what I am doing today?

It doesn't. This entire system works independently from what you have done to date. We may incorporate what you have done but it is not required.

I already work with another company like A.N.G.I or All T.h.u.m.b.s or a ad agency

Great! This has nothing to do with them. What we do is drive direct to consumer business to you. We track the return on investment and create a controllable flow of new business for your stone business.

So must be a contract that s.u.c.k.s?

Nope.. This is based on our performance and yours. When we succeed we will work together for a long time. We don't need contracts. We have an agreement. That agreement is based on your continued compensation for our services.

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