Reviews are very powerful way to drive more opportunities for your countertop business.

It's more important to have authentic reviews than it is to have a big number of reviews. Don't buy reviews. This is the fastest way to loose the confidence of your customers. It's not worth it in the end. look at the reviewer by clicking on the icon associated with the review. See the depth of the reviews they have left on other businesses. When this content is thin (little content) and the profile is thin it's probably fake. If the content of the review looks spammy with the name of the business, the product or service mentioned too much. It's probably fake.

Contact me if you would like to review a real world example of what not to do.

One of my partners had 2 reviews that popped up.. 1 star .. no text. the reviewer profiles both had 1 other review on the same competitor business with 5 stars. We nailed 'em! Contact me for more details. We provide Review Management Strategy and monitoring services. We have a program to address: Your current reviews, how and when to request reviews, and a process to control and grow these authentic reviews.

No content on the review just the star rating. No customer by this name in our system. 


When these reviews were published, 2 nearly identical posts existed. We contacted google and proposed the situation and clear case of review manipulation. Since then the other review has been removed and the content of this positive review for them no longer has mention of my partners business.

So we took to social media and let everyone know that this was happening to us. This turned into us receiving 15, 5 star reviews on various platforms and a clear statement of what a competitor is up to that remains up to this day.  This has driven more business our way than 50+ 5 star reviews would ever do. We were able to empower the community to identify this tactic and let their community know what was going on.

To this day we still are reaping the rewards of this mistake of a competitor.

When you work with us on your review marketing:

  1. How to deal with 1* reviews

    1. We work with you on the communication strategy to deploy to deal with these bad reviews. We truly turn this situation into a net positive for your business,
  2. How to deal with a fake reviews

    1. Opportunity is knocking when we see fake reviews. It's all about the strategy to turn these into a net positive.
  3. How to get more real reviews

    1. We work with you on a proven process to receive real reviews from your customers.

Where to review?

Some review platforms are more powerful than others. Some review platforms are less controllable. We focus on positioning you properly and on how to deal with negative reviews properly for your countertop business. We help you address these with our process and position you for review success.

The company with 400 5 star reviews.. FAKE!

It's so important not to be this company. No possible way this could be the case. But don't be the company that ignores the reviews either.

Step up your Review Marketing game.

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