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In 2008 when the housing bubble burst we started working with our first custom countertop fabricator. From this we created our countertop marketing program. Direct to consumer premium custom countertop market really did not exist prior to 2008. Custom Countertops was for the wealthy and usually projects came from designers, architects and kitchen shops. UbaTuba started at $85 per square foot prior to 2008. At the time I was a bit skeptical but coming from the carloan lead gen space I had the skills to put this to work. Within 15 days Saturday morning came around so I went to visit the showroom and it was standing room only... Little did I know that my life changed that day. I saw the power of the program, of my ability to move customers to a showroom way more than the 24,000 cars driving by the front of the building everyday. It was Game ON! 

Countertop Marketing and Advertising

We are not the marketing company that will have you chasing every shinny new object. Sorry if that's what your looking for we are not right for you. What we do is go for Return On Investment from day 1. Our goal is to grow your business through tracking your new sales over the advertising cost. When we do this we move the needle on revenue, growth and profit. We help business evaluate market share, demand,  and scalability. We have found the limits of many companies and helped them control sales volume to ensure the highest level of customer services.

Countertop Website irginia

Countertop Website Virginia

Countertop Website Design

We develop high ranking websites that we can manage and drive more business from. We have over 15 years of proven results on these websites and we know what the internet buyer is looking for as well as what the search engines want from a website.

Countertop Marketing Videos 

We create short videos that are used for social media and for targeting specific keywords that we want to rank for in the organic results. We place these videos in specific places that boost pages of your website targeting relevant keywords.

Image Marketing

Countertop Marketing of Images is an important part of the search engine indexing your pages need to have certain number of images and these images need to be created in a specific fashion to encourage high rankings.

Review Marketing

More an more its important to have reviews and know how to deal with negative reviews. We help you devise a process to get reviews from the right customers and how to manage bad reviews to make a bad review into a positive experience for your business.

Social Media Marketing

While social media continues to be not the best for retail customers ready to buy it is a great way to get in front of potential customer's early in the buying process. For very low cost per impress we can put a video or interactive application in front of this customers and engage them with your company. It does require that someone in the company can review comments and respond to reviews. For the small shop I reserve this step until this person in the company is in a position to monitor emails and activity on the social media pages. Collecting photos of your work and short videos is great content for social media campaigns. When creating this content we need some details to increase the power of what we will be doing with your social media content.

Countertop Content Marketing

We use all of these strategies to drive more business for your stone business.
We provide tracking tools and concise reports so we can manage and monitor sales.
If your looking to ad 10 - 20 -30 more installs per month we can get your their!

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