Let's review the basics of the marketing your countertops Business

This is a list of many of the basic countertop marketing strategies that you should have in place for your countertop Shop. This is only the basics that you should have in place if you are in business today.


Logo Designed W,W,W,W,H

Print Materials:

Business Card

Yard Signs ( Optional)

Branded Vehicles (magnet, windows or Wraps)

Brochure (Optional)

Pens (Optional)

Online Countertop Marketing

Do you have a Countertop Website(s)

Has the content of your website been updated in the past 30 days?

Do you have a Google My Business Listing?

Do you have a Citation Account?

Do you have a Content Development Strategy?

Do you have any Associations and affiliations?

Do you rank on the first page for your City/Tow/county/State & the product/service you sell?

Do you what are high volume keywords are and purchase intent keywords are?

Do you know what voice search keywords are?

Do you how many visits to your website turn into a lead?

Do you review your campaign clicks for quality and competitors?

Do you notices service calls for competitors?

Competitive analysis

Do you track who you commonly are bidding projects against?

Do you monitor who ranks in your target area online?

Do you know your competitive advantage?

Social Media Presence

Do you have pages on various platforms?

Do you monitor these pages and respond to comments, questions and reviews?

Do you know how many impressions turn into a website visit/phone call and then how many of those turn into sales?

Review Marketing

Do you have any online reviews?

Do you monitor these reviews and respond to them?

Do you have have a process for responding to bad reviews?

Lead Management CRM

Do you track your leads/Appointments/Closes and Dead deals?

Do you have a follow up process with customers?

Do manage a calendar to track your schedule(s)?


Do you have strategy for retails vs commercial?

Do you have pages on various platforms?

Are you giving out Quotes in email?

Do you know what your quote to close ratio is?

Do you know what your estimate to appointment ratio is?

If any of the above items are left unchecked then you may have some issues that need to be addressed. This list is based on our experience providing local countertop marketing services all over the US since 2008.

If you would like to address some of these open issues or areas that you may feel things are lacking please feel free to contact us.

877 877 1916


The big question is how many more sales do you want this month? Thats what we need to know.

We provide turn key local online marketing strategies for granite fabricators. We have been specializing in marketing granite countertop fabricators since 2009. We have grown to have partners in 23 states and have grossed over 25 Million each year in countertop sales with our partners.

We provide countertop website design, countertop marketing, Advertising, Branding and more. We track the response through the sale so we are able to maximize your advertising dollars to generate the greatest revenue possible.

Free Countertop Marketing Program!

We drive you 10 local customers when you close 1 of the 10 and send us a referral fee we will send you more.

"First 2 weeks with FireUps we generated $15,720 in topline revenue! This was amazing! "

Why Free? It is FREE to start and for us to show you what we can do.
You need to be able to close, this is how we test you out.
You pay us on business that you close.

Call TXT or MMS for details (857) 209-8674

Expires 07/31/2024

Conversion Apps On Your Website/socialFree Setup (A $399/month value)

3d Designer, Photo upload Designer, Instant Estimator, Spark Lead Manager $99/month Limited time only.

Call TXT or MMS for details (857) 209-8674

Expires 07/31/2024

Starter package Local Countertop Website $149/Month (A $399/month value)

Countertop Website, Conversion Applications (Kitchen Designer + Estimator), local targeted Domain, Response Tracking, On page SEO, Responsive for devices. We have put more than 50 local granite websites on the first page of google yahoo and bing. Are You Ready?

Call for details 877 877 1916

Expires 07/31/2024

Local Countertop Website and GM partner Program $399/Month (A $799/month value)

Countertop Website, Conversion Applications, local targeted Domain, Response Tracking, On page SEO, Responsive for devices plus Granitemakeover.com partner program with instant local market representation local market and perceive value Consultation. We have put more than 50 local granite websites on the first page of google yahoo and bing. Are You Ready?

Call TXT or MMS for details (857) 209-8674

Expires 07/31/2024

Your website first page Google rankings Local Market search $599/Month (A $1599/month value)

We will conduct a review of your current placement and infrastructure to determine if this is achievable. (Example: We do not optimize W.i.x websites. We will replace it but we do not optimize them)

Subject to current placement evaluation and current website structure evaluation. (compare to traditional SEO shops at $2500/month)

Call TXT or MMS for details (857) 209-8674

Expires 07/31/2024

Attn: Granite Shop Owner,

Can you handle 10, 20 or 30+ more retail customers per month? Have you wondered what it might be like to have the sales volume back you had in the early 2000s? We can help you grow your business in todays market.
We have hand selected you for this opportunity because from what we can see in your existing presence online and from your competitors that you show the most potential for success. We have generated over 25 million in sales for our partners last year.

Here are some examples of our current success:

We have clients that does 80 installs per month on our programs. (Yes I said installs)

We accept payment all major credit cards, ACH or can store a card on file.

Goal Tracking

In order to measure the performance of the program we track every lead in an easy to use online tool and mobile website. You can manage your leads and track their progress through your buying process. This enables your team and ours to monitor sales goals in real-time. This is how you track your advertising and grow your business.
We do not stop there, once you see what our website can do for your business and the sales conversions we generate we can drive even more when you are ready. We have programs that cover all facets of internet marketing and have yet to run out of potential customers in any market.


We work with fabricators all over the US. We know exactly how to get to the first page in your local market for High converting keywords. We know what also can get us knocked of the first page. We are going to bring you this expertise. We are going to create a website for you just like the ones you see above. We are going to customize it to represent your business. We know of many ways to help position you in the market to drive more opportunities for sales.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services in the first 30 days simply ask for a full refund of all dollars not put in market (example: paid advertising funds put in market to drive customers area not refundable). We have many very satisfied customers and we are looking for many more just like you.

Call TXT or MMS for details (857) 209-8674 or complete our registration form and we will get started right away!
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