Countertop Cost Calculator related searches in the US in the last 30 days  Year to day 52,235 impression on these related terms. These number are not earth shattering but give us a sense of market demand and research. We offer an online tool that will calculate […]
Dominating local Countertop Marketing SEO on long island Took on another companies design addressed many of the websites design and content issues to dominate over companies like M.S.I and in the local market for target keyword terms. Since late 2021 we have been tracking our […]
New Countertop Marketing Partner Salt Lake City market. KBC Utah Granite Marble Quartz We provide homeowners, contractors, designers and architects a large choice of custom fabricated stone slabs for residential or commercial use. Join our team of successful custom countertop shops and feel the power of […]
New partner in phoenix market. 3120 W. LINCOLN ST. PHOENIX, AZ 85009 BK & K Countertops LLC is here to serve you! We Fabricate and Install the following: Granite, Quartz, Marble and Quartzsite. We do Kitchens, Bathrooms, BBQ's, Showers, Office Desk Countertops. You can count on […]
A question I saw posted online (top of google) and the answer is a complete lie : Is a countertop business profitable, Of course it is! Companies fail not because of the industry they pick, they fail because they market the business incorrectly for the target […]
fireups-countertop-image-marketing Countertop company Logo Design
Coming up with a name for your new countertop business can be a struggle or could make your life harder than it needs to be. Who, What, Where, When, and how. You want the name of your business to participate in answering as much of the […]
6 tips for improving your countertop marketing SEO
Contact us for your countertop marketing SEO needs. First Page Rankings for highly targeted keywords is very important to the overall success with countertop marketing SEO. When you rank well organically in the unpaid results,  you have the power to rank in the GMB listings as […]
Closing more internet countertop leads - the internet customer is more and more looking for immediate gratification. The sooner you are able to make contact the sooner you can use your traditional selling strategies. 1. Respond Quickly: When someone shows interest in your product or service, […]
Print advertising for custom countertop fabricators Here we will show you some examples of print advertising for different applications I would recommend that your message be tested online first. By testing a message online you are assured some level of expected response. Print advertising like other […]
What is the best way to convert a user to a custom on your website? Give users a reason to stay on your website! The Virtual Kitchen Designer (photo upload) does exactly that! Your customers can take a photo of the space and apply your select colors […]
countertops demand trends 2022
Lets look at the historical trends of countertop market demand over time. I have compared search inquires for the custom countertop space to the stock market since 2004.   By looking at these historical events of the recent past we can attempt to predict consumer behavior […]
New custom countertops business to the area, Owner up from Florida and looking to establish business in the area. It's 2008 and the housing market crashed. I was skeptical to say the least, that custom countertops would be marketable on the internet. Pre 2008 custom countertops […]
Custom Countertop Leads! We are not your typical countertop lead company. We help you to grow your sales position your company in the competitive landscape and show you what your customer acquisition costs are. Driving new customers is not hard. What's hard is getting companies to […]
We will create a local targeted countertop Fabricator website that has Organic SEO baked Right in. With over 200 websites created for custom countertop shops we have the tools to help you get ranked and stay Rank for local search. We will create a website for […]
Countertop Lead / Demand Generation We do things a bit different than the typical lead company for service providers. We actually focus on your business and building your strategy. they focus on driving lower cost customer acquisition and farm leads out to multiple companies in the […]
We have developed a strategy that is has been very affective at driving customers at various levels of the buying cycle and a good quality customer. Before you have a list of followers : The social media user is not actively searching for your services. Your […]
You need a plan to grow your sales:  + We work with you to understand current market conditions.  +  Evaluate your current offering  +  Compare your services to the local market  +  Develop competitive advantages  +  Set expectations on how to execute and drive retail sales. […]
We work with you to develop your market here are a few examples of branding that we have developed
Check out our recent countertop website creations for our partners all over the US. Countertop company website examples We specialize in driving results through direct to consumer marketing. Our countertop company website examples are measured and response is tracked so in real time. We adjust perceived […]
Rolling out a new solution to move further into managing projects within spark lead management system. Many of my partners have started to use and look for project management software. The spark Lead management system was focused primarily on lead acquisition and sales management. This has […]