Countertop Marketing 2020

I would like to introduce myself. I am Paul Gallagher owner of Professional Remarketing Group, and the FireUps Local countertop marketing solution.
My focus is on direct response marketing and lead tracking to see ROI in real time. Since 2009 when i had my first countertop partner I have grown this service to providing over $20,000,000 per year in direct to consumer countertop sales nationwide.

"My denver partner would have closed 2 weeks ago based on the dip in activity. We quickly made and adjustment to message and bounced right back to solid response from the market. As we roll out into the coming weeks we will then be making more adjustments based on how far out the book out is as well as responding to any supply chain issues as they arise"

The key to our success...

...through this difficult time has been our ability to see and track response to programs and adjust perceived value to ensure that any customers in market are continuing to come to us. We track the click through the sale with our lead management tool. This enables us to make adjustments on the fly and respond to changing market conditions rapidly.

I specialize in direct to consumer marketing for the countertop space and have been honing this service since 2009.

I found when stock markets fumbled in 2008 a focus on investments in tangible items increases and we could be in good position to grow your direct to consumer sales. Investments in the home have the prescription of a stable return on investment so a tendency to put money into the home will increase. Especially if home sales and values slow or decline.

Many of your local competitors may not come back from this.

Especially if we see supply chain issues in the foreseeable future.  Access to slab yards and certain products could cause issues for some and make it difficult to provide service. We will look at your position and make adjustments to message and perceived value to tap into what the post 3/2020 customers looks like. Desperation could settle in and we could see wild changes in competition and strategies. This is where our ability to track and monitor success will be essential to navigating the next weeks months and years.

Key Employee Changes

  • You may find if you had to close that key employees could now not be available.
  • New Employees may be available from other businesses. This can strain your business or your competitions business. It is essential to be aware of this and react quickly to employee issues to continue to provide service.
  • Stepping up policies for sanitation for your facilities and for your interaction with people and their homes. This will be important in the short term for both your employees and for your customers.

Bailout monies

Get in line to get yours but from what I can tell this will cover payroll employees and operating expenses "without payback". Any other use of the money will have to be paid back with interest. That leaves owner operators without a bail out.

I will work with you to leverage what we will find as new competitive advantages
and help you adjust strategies in real time as businesses get back to work in the coming weeks.

Lets partner up and grow your countertop business!

877 877 1916

#1 Local Granite Marketing Solution

granite countertops Local Website LI NY

If you want to be #1 Local Custom Countertops Company We have the solution.
For the Past 5 Years Neoland Has been in the #1 slot for "granite countertops Long Island"
We created the property for them, designed the basic logo and drove them to the top of search in the local market.
We connect the spark Lead management system to track the website performance and lead conversions.
The system is simple. Monitor the effectiveness of the website right down to the sale and the search engines reward us with a positive user experience and top placement based on our relevance to the consumer.

Bomb! #1 Position and staying power!

Granite Countertops Advertising Marketing Results

We have many website that are ranking on the first page of the major search engines and even in the #1 Position.

See these granite countertops examples:

"Granite Countertops buffalo" you will find
"Granite Countertops South Carolina" you will find
"Granite Countertops phoenix" you will find
"Granite Countertops Austin" you will find
"Granite Countertops Long island" you will find
and many more...

4 major factors contribute to this high rankings:

Relevance: The website is highly related to the keyword that is being searched for. The website is constructed in such a way to attract customers with optimized content to be displayed in the listing and the website landing pages are optimized to the target keywords being searched for.
Keywords: Targeting your local market and ensuring that the on page content relates to the search term.
Domain: Keyword rich domains are one of the highest ranking factors for creating relevance to the search term.

The above factors are mandatory for high rankings. BUT! in order to stay on the first the last factor is required.

Perceived Value: Without perceived value you will not stay on the first page for long. Ensuring that actionable copy is in your SERP content is essential to staying on the first page - Watch out because the search engine does not want that in the listing. They want you to pay for advertising to put your perceived value on the SERP's page. Be prepared to move your content around over time.

Starting @ only 199/month - 60 day money back guarantee - Limited Time only

Without having to touch your corporate website we can start driving customer online within 24 hours to you. Are You ready? Call today 877 877 1916


Watch out for these solicitor calls & Emails

I had a company call me to tell me that my clients website was not effective because it did not have conversion tracking and remarketing tags installed on the website.

Watch out for these type of call because they are ill informed.
They follow the Google playbook to a tee and do not do any thinking for themselves.
These tools that Google provides are great when used appropriately.

Conversion Tracking

The purpose of conversion tracking is to collect data on check out pages or other metrics that you define. This is great for website that all or most conversions actually happen on the website. This data is then applied to your PPC campaigns to optimize your ads and help to increase sales. All sounds great right. For Our clients (Local Direct Sales through website and phone) we know that at least 50% (which is our target) of the conversions are through phone calls. This means that at a minimum the conversion tracking metrics that are used to optimize the campaign are at least 50% off! That is way to high or me to trust such an application to manage my clients budgets. Google now offers 800#'s that can be used to track calls on your website to address this deficiency (Jan 2015) Problem!!! 800# reduce website conversions for local businesses.

Remarketing Tag

This is an interesting tool that helps you to target visitors that have visited your website previously and present them with an ad to invite them back. Sound pretty cool right! It is, BUT, this only works on websites on the display network. The display network is a network of advertisers that use the adsense service on their website. This traffic tends to be of less quality and lower purchase intent then your direct source through search engine marketing.

Google Campaign Recommendations

We have spoken with many google campaign support specialists and implemented many of the recommendations that they provide. For the most part we find that the recommendations provided typically increase costs and do not increase volume, targeting or quality. I guess that makes sense for Google.
If you are seeing results on your campaigns that are solid then stay the course.

What is most important is that you see the ROI your are looking for over any recommendation.

Why does the first page of google not matter?

The first page of google does not matter if ;

  1. your message in the copy in the SERP is not relevant and does not contain greater perceived value than the other listings. 
  2. If your website looks like its out of the 90's
  3. If you don't have a clear call to action
  4. If you don't answer the questions of the potential customers and fast

We actually have many page one rankings for targeted keywords and we have seen that its not that you are on the first page that really matters. If you achieve first page and your bounce rate is high you will see that your time on the first page will be short lived.

So SEO in an of itself is not worth it if your only objective is to reach the first page. You need to have a page this provides value and in-turn will drive more business for you in order to maintain that position.

Provide answers that the customer is looking for and you will be rewarded with first page and more business.

FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!

FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,
partner with FireUps® TODAY! 603 617 3877