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Benefits of working with us:

  • We have a network of over a 100 websites, blogs, domains, and tools all designed for the custom countertop industry.
  • Our network of websites have autogenerated dynamic content designed to enhance local SEO for our partners "Secret SEO Sause"
  • Once you have launched with us we start putting our network to work to bring your business to the top of the search results in your target area.
  • We only work with custom countertop fabricators and kitchen shops throughout north America.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

Countertop SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

Basically what this means is how relevant is your website to the search term entered into the search engine.  Someone using google enters the word countertop and the project location.. Lets say "Countertops Boston" The search engine then generates results based on a number of factors. Relevance is the primary term used today to define what reaches the top of the search engine. Many factors go into defining relevance. Time on website.. content structure of website, links to the website, links from the website, domain of website, age of domain .. I could go on.. What we do is take a look at your website and the websites of your local competition and determine where they are succeeding and where you are not.

Because we have a powerful network of websites in the countertop space we can quickly put our network of properties to work for you.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

Google My Business listing

Same rules apply for your listing in the Google my business directory. We help you to evaluate your currently listing and help you to gain rank in the directory as well. Both your website and your google my business listing are linked together. When your website has high relevance your google my business listing will as well. We usually need to be sure that you have a proper review strategy before optimizing the google my business listings. We can help you with this as well.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

SEO Vs SEM ... What are we fighting for?

I want to provide you the truth when it comes to marketing your countertop business on the internet. When you start to market your business you become a target. People see that you are investing in marketing your business and want to tell you that you are doing it wrong and they can do it better. Whether you are doing it yourself or you have hired someone to help market your business, don't fall for many of the misconceptions that will be used to have you doubt your efforts.
I have learned this first hand. Many of my clients are approached daily with convincing arguments that what we are doing is wrong and what they do is right. They make claims that what they will do will have greater results for less money. They point to the intelligent targeting we are doing and try to sway the thinking of my partners.
The constant battle is less about SEO vs SEM and its more about tactics used to steal customers from other marketing professionals.

Here are a couple examples:

"Mis-direction #1: 80% of searched go to organic results"

Someone that tells you this has never done any research or actually ever run a campaign for a partner. This stat may be true for ALL search engine queries but is not true for local product and service based results, and that's a fact. When I target "granite countertops {with local city} I see 20% click through rate and I am 1 of 13 paid ads and local places results are shown before you see the organic. Let's break this down:
Top 3 Paid Results:
20% CTR position #1 = (my client)
10% position# 2
5% position #3
Now to the local Results:
3-8 Local Companies with reviews and other relevance content
This represents at least 25%
Now organic results:
I would equate organic for local search to represent only 35% of available clicks in this case

Mis-direction #2: "focus on un-targeted low volume keywords"

Mislead #2: A large newspaper company providing local marketing packages to supplement its dying business approaches my client and states that he does not rank for "granite in {CityName}" and that they can do a better job targeting such terms.
"Granite" what? Granite Tiles, granite, steps, granite posts, granite suppliers? No we provide "Granite Countertops in {CityName}" and happen to rank #2. I explained this to the owner of the business and to the sales person for the newspaper. We focus on driving customers that are looking for the products and services that we offer and your pitch for my customers attention is ill informed.

Mis-Direction #3: "Wasting your money on PPC"

One of my partners was approached with "You are wasting your money on PPC, You should focus your money on organically ranking for Granite Countertops Chicago". They were offering to do this for 1/2 of the marketing budget he was spending with me. sound pretty convincing right. Save 1/2 and give you this "Great placement"
I went to my local market stats on his campaign and gave him a reality check. I responded with real numbers.

what the Local organic SEO company is not going to tell you is this:
“Granite countertops Chicago” represents 284 searches in the last 30 days – let’s say that you actually ranked for this.. this is what they are selling you. That would mean that 284 impression – I am going to use stats for #1 position just to be far. That’s 35%(I don't know if i believe it) click through rate… that’s 75 clicks. The website tracks a 10% conversion rate to lead = 7.5 leads and lets put you at a 15% lead to close rate that’s 1 job per month – What do they want to charge you for #1 position – not page #1 -  #1 position for “granite countertops Chicago”? But still my point is that’s only 1 sale potential.
In that same 30 days I provided 27,272 Impressions on these actual search terms: midwest stone granite plainfield il ,buy granite countertop remnants near 60084,granite top elmwood park il,bathroom countertops,most popular countertops,discount st cecillia white granite 60586,gmd granite schiller park,honed granite countertops price,delicatus white granite carol stream,countertops dealers mount prospect,counter tops huntley il,granite countertops in niles,granite remnants,thevtilevshop granitr,granite stores naperville il,blue sapphire granite near 60062,1.5 granite strips,granite countertops free estimate on come to house,budget countertops,white granite countertops,granite chicagoland,chris mcmasters countertops,kashmir white granite cost,payless granite,granite countertops elgin il,granit countertpo in 60634,countertop,granite countertops near brookfield 53045,granite slabs near me,granite countertops and kitchen cabinets burr ridge illinois,how much is granite per sq ft,formica stone countertop chicago,granite showrooms,granite and marble depot mokena,granite countertops glendale heights il,granites counter tops,cheap granite in park ridge il,kitchen counter tops menards,granite countertops sevierville tn,granite countertops montgomery il,engineered stone countertops

So the organic strategy costs $750 and generates 1 sale
Organic Search Cost Per Sale = $750

the PPC strategy including organic search terms costs $1500 and generates 10 sales
PPC Cost per sale = $150

What make more sense to you?

We provide a full service approach focusing on PPC to get things started and then back fill highest potential keywords to drive the traffic from the right organic search terms.

So why is PPC so powerful for Local Search Terms?

Perceived value - search engines do everything they can to prevent perceived value from creeping into the organic results. They will change the text of your titles and descriptions to not present the price points or words like free.. "Basically all the stuff they want in your PPC ads" Why is this? That's where they make money on the PPC ads. You have control over the message in your PPC ads. You can target specific values from your customers and drive them to specific landing pages.

When its all said and done between organic vs paid we simply provide both but our focus is on tracking sales to a target cost per sale - - that's how you grow your business online.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

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