VIrtual Kitchen Designer

Capture your audience and engage them in the process of designing the kitchen. You will be rewarded. DEMO the Virtual Kitchen Designer with photo upload

Brand Building

Specialized material targeted website.
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Instant Local Market Exposure.

Partner with us and start driving customers today!

Activate Your Website Traffic

Give customers what they want. Instant Pricing tools and information concerning specials and promotions. Customisable pricing on evey link!

We take the guess work out of growing your business.
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Custom Countertop Marketing Solutions for your Stone Business

FireUps® is the first internet marketing service to focus on the granite shop. To build solutions that are scale-able, portable and increase opportunities for sales. To provide tracking and ROI monitoring solutions to track customers through the buying process. We have helped granite fabricators all over the US in various stages of growth address issues and bring sales back on track. We are your best resource to get your sales back on track and we have resources to help with many aspects of your Granite Countertops Marketing.

We evaluate your current standings and provide a strategy. 

Our solutions range from integrated tech into your current online strategy to full blown online strategy implementation and management. 


We take all the guess work out of driving retail sales for your business.

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Market direct to consumer and develop the Direct Retail channel.

If you are: Startup fabricator, Countertop installer looking to get out on your own, commercial fabricator looking to add retail, Struggling to drive the local consumer and grow retail business and referrals

We can Help!

Each potential partner requires different services. We evaluate your current setup and propose a solution that best fits your specific needs

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Startup Custom Countertop Fabricator

Services that we provide: Logo Design and Smart Branding, Low cost Entry to market, Market Evaluation and consulting, Local Targeted Website creation, Print design materials, Business cards, Brochures, Vehicle wrap design and signage. Marketing plan strategy and business plan development. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, PPC management, ROI marketing Strategy design and deployment

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Looking to Add Retail, We offer

Services that we provide: local Micro website design, Marketing Plan development, Local Strategy Development, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, PPC management, ROI marketing Strategy design and deployment

Partner With Us and Grow!

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Stone Product Samples

Show off inventory, specials and more with advanced product categories.

How we do it:

We Listen to your Needs, Goals & Budget.

We Evaluate your local market.

We implement the solutions to reach your goal.

We Generate Results, FAST!

Our website is customized to your business, is proven to convert clicks 2 calls.We help you to position your company, define value, message, and we drive the local consumer to this website.We capture all activity and gather market intel on the effectiveness of the website, message and ability to convert to leadWe create "Ups" (qualified leads) for your business instantly.Your sales team then tracks interaction with these customers in the spark lead manager and you are able to see ROI in real time from closed business.

How many more sales do you want this month?
10- 20- 30?

Over 20 Million in sales/Year generated for our countertop partners

Results in days not weeks or months

Scale-able to grow with your business

No Contracts Required

Leads are exclusive!!!

We actually market your business.

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Lets Grow your Stone Business

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Performance tools to engage and collect Contact Details

Since 2009 we have been creating and tracking performance of our online tools. We know what works and how to convert your website visits to leads for your business. 

Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designers help customers to visualize new countertops in there home or office.  

Instant Estimator

The number 1 reason someone is searching the internet for custom countertops is competitive pricing. 

REview Marketing Integration

WE creatively integration your reviews into the website experience so the reviews become more powerful to creating actions

Lead Management

You can not measure what you do not track. WE track your leads and provide the ability to track your interaction with customers to monitor performance.

The Stone Shop Solution

We have a road map to success. Let's work together to grow your direct to consumer business. You control the price and the revenue that you generate.

Strategy Development

Each market has unique competition and strategies we use to build your position in the market. We target your customers based on our focus on the custom fabricator since 2009

ROI Marketing

We collect data on real-time response and develop your strategy based on your ability to reach the target return on investment


Our ability to drive sales immediately enables us to instantly find a message that resonates with the customer in your market and our ability to monitor your conversions drives our ability to build your stone business.

What our partners are saying...

We don't do lead generation like the other guys. We build your business.

Fireups has driven my business and continues to provide a solid foundation to build my business on

Peter J.

New Hampshire

My Granite Makeover Website provides me with 40-60 leads a month and more if i can handle it.

Tom B.

New York

Paul's system took a couple days to produce and it hasn't stopped yet.  

Max T.


Nothing Compares to Paul's Magic. You get what you pay for with FireUps.

Jason W.

South Carolina

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