The instant Countertop Estimator is designed to answer the question that every granite countertop buyer is looking at the internet to answer. HOW MUCH? The Estimator is able to associate cost per square foot to each material color and calculate a ball park price. in exchange for this they will provide you with contact information and size and color information with the request. We have provided over 100,000 estimates to date and growing every day. We have seen a 300% increase in conversion from click to a lead with proper placement on your website, social media and blog pages.
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  "I love this estimator tool."
-Amy Oakland Michigan (Consumer)
"I built out my kitchen, Got a ballpark price and a rep called me within minutes who answered more questions, I have already recommended this to my friends"
-Scott Los Angeles Ca. (Consumer)
"I wish all customers used the estimator first. It's a much easier sell once the expectation is set and we have the layout to start talking details"
-Lynda Texas (Fabricator)
"Paul said a 300% increase in lead conversion and he was right, we are not slow any more" - Max AZ. (Fabricator)

The instant countertop estimator is a powerful application to increase the conversion ratio of a countertop sales website. one of the driving factors for using the internet in your countertop search is price. The instant estimator enables you to offer instant online estimates from any website, blog or social media with ease.
Instant Countertop Estimates are not binding. They are to help create a close as possible estimate based on the specific measurements entered by the home owner. This condition will always make an estimate subject to template or in person inspection.

Integration is EASY:

Simply link to the counter top Estimator from any website, Facebook page, social Media, and capture customers that are looking for you.
Iframe option is also available to frame the application right into your website.