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Local Countertop store SEO

Local Countertop store SEO program works to move your countertop company up the ranks. We leverage our network of content and links as well as work with your team to position your website for targeted terms. We work with you on content creation and what content is best to move your website into position on the first page.

local countertop marketing is the pursuit of top results in the search engines for the markets that you serve. The perception of a high ranking website in the eye of the countertop shopper is that if they rank high in the results then they must be the most relevant business in my area.

Local Countertop store SEO Proof

countertop website tampa


Open google and search
Quartz Countertops Tampa


Open google and search
quartz countertops long island

2 Main areas of focus for local countertop Marketing

Organic SEO results being the non paid results listed on the page for target search terms

Google Places results Both will have significant impact on the amount of inquires you receive from a local search for countertop stores.

I think I rank high in google search results?
Google Results Tip: Is google skewing your personal results?

Google for a long time has been capturing your search history and with this they change the results for you. Since you probably have searched for your own site many times google changes the results so now you think your ranking when your actually not. They changed the name of this from personalized results to "verbatim" You can shut this off and see the actual results for the search query by using the tools menu on the google page. Note this setting reverts back to all results without you changing the settings.

Over 100 first page ranking on the major search engines all over the US

Here are some example searches and the results that the search engines present.
Local Countertop website SEO is the strategy of ranking high for local targeted keyword terms. Many factors go into gaining this placement but the most important is to create relevance. With relevance you will be able to hold the placement and reduce bounce rate which will keep your first page rankings in place.

Vast Network of Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Directory websites, all in the countertop space to quickly start moving your current website up the ranks.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

Here are some screen shots of our granite countertops rankings:

We will provide a Free Audit of your Countertop Websites SEO.

We have hundreds of first page rankings for custom countertop companies all over the US.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

We will evaluate your countertops websites SEO position and identify what it is not ranking well for target terms.

We will review your competition and access what they are doing.

We then define what we need to do to move you to the first page in your market.

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