We specialize in local countertop marketing ; creating exposure for you online and tracking your results.

Here are some example searches and the results that the search engines present.
Local Countertop website SEO is the strategy of ranking high for local targeted keyword terms. Many factors go into gaining this placement but the most important is to create relevance. With relevance you will be able to hold the placement and reduce bounce rate which will keep your first page rankings in place.

Over 100 first page ranking on the major search engines all over the US

Vast Network of Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Directory websites, all in the countertop space to quickly start moving your current website up the ranks.

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Here are some screen shots of our granite countertops rankings:

We will provide a Free Audit of your Countertop Websites SEO.

We have hundreds of first page rankings for custom countertop companies all over the US.

Request a FREE SEO review of your countertop Website

We will evaluate your countertops websites SEO position and identify what it is not ranking well for target terms.

We will review your competition and access what they are doing.

We then define what we need to do to move you to the first page in your market.

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