You now have the ability to associate files to a lead in the system. Let's say you have a contract or a drawing […]
We have add a new "View" Mode where you an see your leads in columns. This helps to view the progress of your […]
We have added a new help desk app to spark lead manager.  This applicaiton will help us track your requests edits and offer […]
We have updated the Summary view to provide more details on your campaign performance.   #1 days lead Type chart = Is a […]
Spark lead management Feature Update: We have added the ability to manage multiple accounts. Since our launch of the cabinet marketing Service many […]
I provide a tracking application with our advertising program that enables me to track a customers ROI in real-time. We start with online […]
Sparks New mobile application enables customers to manage customers on the move. The mobile applicaiton is a scalled down version of website application […]
FireUps Local Online Marketing Service has officially released our online Lead Management Solution Spark! Spark enables the everyday small business owner with powerful […]
Granite Lead Management As a lead enters the system the system removes duplicates as best as possible but in some cases the use […]

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