2020 Countertop Websites and Marketing

Check out our recent countertop website creations for our partners all over the US.

We specialize in driving results through direct to consumer marketing. Our website are measured and response is tracked so in real time we can adjust perceived value strategies to reach target ROI goals. More than just a countertops website. A full service marketing strategy to grow your business in 2020 and beyond. Many of our partners also provide cabinets and we have integration strategies to grow full kitchen remodels at a resonable cost per acqisition.

We have been able to continue to drive result through this pandemic. In many cases our partners have accelerated services.

I could not have imagined these results!

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Granite Countertops Website Gallery

Small Business Disaster Recovery - How your small business will recover from covid-19

With this unprecedented event and the closing of many businesses.

Get ready to adapt your small business. Small business is being hammered right now, supply chains are being overhauled, get ready to reinvent your business.

  • Most small businesses are not looking at the big picture unless they have access to marketing data.
  • Most small business will not recover without a plan and the ability to look past next week's payroll.
  • Most small businesses will need to take action today to start to react and adapt as we all get back to work.

Every aspect of how we used to do business will be changing.  Here we will look at Cons from an event like this and how we can turn those into a Pro for our business! How do we stay open, How do we succeed when the doors open again. How do we adapt to the new market and maintain and even grow our business?

So What is Happening Right Now (CONS):

  • Most all non essential business have closed.
  • Some Businesses will not re-open.
  • Consumer spending habits will change.
  • Demand for products and services will change.
  • The way people behave will change.
  • Supply chain will change.
  • Prices for products and services will change.

How to we address these changes (PROS):

  • Most all non essential business have closed :
    We have been focused on the Construction segment for the past 12 years. These services are high on the Essential business list and have been able to operate through most of this crisis. With our ability to track spend and monitor ROI on the other side we have been able to keep operations moving. When competition has closed down due to not being able to monitor supply and demand needs in real time we have a leg up on the competition.
  • Some Businesses will not re-open :
    Strategic Hiring of new employees that can bring more business : add new business segment : increase the quality of service provided : increase efficiencies : drive revenue
  • Consumer spending habits are changing :
    expendable income : investments : tangible ROI for the consumer changes. This creates opportunity where it can be unexpected.
  • Demand for products and services is changing  :
    Certain products and services can see wild changes in demand. This is where message is key. Consumers want the dollar to go farther. Diversity of product offerings can attract this new buyer.
  • The way people behave is changing :
    In this specific case of virus/pandemic we look to how we can ease consumer concerns when interacting with our business. What policies do we have to address these concerns and how do we deliver this message to our customers.
  • Supply chain is changing : the way to access products for your service may change and the demand for these products may also change. Be prepared to gather this intel and be fluid with expectations for customers. expect to spend more time trying to locate products consumers are looking for and focus on products that you are sure that you can access.
  • Prices for products and services will change: Providing prices for products will change based on basic principles of supply and demand.  Only price products and service you know you can have on hand. in the short term be cautious of offering products & services based on typical turnaround time of vendors in the past.

So what are our next steps to reinvent our small business and succeed as we come out the other side.

Data Data Data!

Marketing provides us with a strong understanding of what is in demand, how the market is responding to our message and tracking our Return on investment. This is how we make decisions and manage our business moving forward. We pay close attention to supply and demand. My partners are in good position as they have the tracking required to understand advertising costs associated revenue coming in the door. We are able to adjust to supply and demand to maintain demand as the market changes. Many of my partners are still operating and managing target book out 10 days into this pandemic.

On site product limit's supply chain impact.
Really the only businesses that i was not able to keep open were ones that by law are forced to close and those that did not access to product due to closure.
Clear Sign of what is coming in the coming weeks

in real-time we have been able to monitor these changes in demand and react to it changing message and monitoring response. as we come out the other side on this we will continue to make adjustments to message and adjust as required. In some markets I have seen 200% increase in search traffic ... 50% reduction in costs ... 50% reduction in new leads ... 100% increase in closing ratio... Nets out at business as usual. some wild changes in consumer behavior but because we can monitor all aspects of our online marketing strategy, adjust our message in real time and react to supply and demand changes we are well positioned to capitalize on the other side.

If you are a Custom Countertop fabricator in the US and want to get control of your business call today 877 877 1916.

Any other businesses we will work with you on a first come first serve basis.

2020 Crisis Marketing

We have been doing well keeping the flow of customers to our partner shops around the US.

In some parts of the country local states forced business to stop operating and many others are at gatherings no more than 10 people.

We continue to meet demand and react to changing local situations on a case by case basis. Adjusting marketing strategies and boosting response in real time.

Surprising to say many of our partners have not skipped a beat and actually are continuing to manage and extend "book out" during this trying time.

As we get the go ahead to start operations again, in markets that closed, we will roll out new strategies somewhat in reverse to get countertop business started back up again.

New Countertop Business World

We formulated strategies to help with consumer interaction and policies to help increase consumer confidence when working with the countertop shop. The world will be different on the other side of this and we will need to show customers that we have taken procaustion to keep our customers and our partners safe.

Some examples:

  • take certain measures in your showroom for sanitization of surfaces. Document this so that the consumer can see that this work has been done
  • During interaction with customers home eg. templating & installation - wear mask and gloves whenever possible.

Many business are scheduled to roll backout in the first week of april.

If your operate a custom countertop company and would like to work with us to grow your business out of this crisis please give us a call. April will be a very busy month relaunching many existing partners and we will use the same principles and proven methods to bring your company on board.


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2020 Countertop Website Design

New Website and local Online marketing for custom Countertop Fabricators.

2020 new Customer promotion.

Limited Time only! $99/month for a local targeted micro website designed to Drive and captivate your audience.

We have tracking application to measure your return on investment in real time

We have marketing programs that will drive customers today

We build your brand and build a stable future for your business to grow on.

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New Lead Management Feature - Document Management

Click to attach a document

You now have the ability to associate files to a lead in the system. Let's say you have a contract or a drawing from a customer. You can scan this document and associate it with the lead in the spark lead management system. Each time you pull up this lead any documents that are associated to this lead are able to be pulled up easily within the interface in the native format that you uploaded the file.

Open a Lead to attach a document
Open a Lead to attach a document
Click to attach a document
Click to attach a document
Locate File to upload
Locate File to upload
Document Uploaded Successfully
Document Uploaded Successfully
Click link to view attached Document
Click link to view attached Document
View Attached Document
View Attached Document
Delete Attached Document
Delete Attached Document
Attached Document Has Been Deleted
Attached Document Has Been Deleted


Upload a document:

Associate a document to a lead. this could be a sketch. contract. Signature page, Exit interview, 3d design, Slab preview, renderings, template files. Basically any document that you want to associate with a customer for future reference.

View A document:

on the lead page any document that has been uploaded to the system that is associated with this lead will be link from the lead page. If the document can be viewed in a browser it will display otherwise you will be promoted for a download of the file.

Delete a document:

You are able to delete a document that was associated with a lead. Click delete next to the document name in the list and then hit confirm on the next page to complete the process.

All documents will be archived after 24 months. If you need access to a document that is older that 24 months please contact your FireUps representative.

New Inventory Manager

Managing inventory can be a pain. Our System provides your team with an easy to use interface to add and remove inventory from your website.

This is the same interface that is used to manage your leads so they have every thing in a familiar place.

We recommend that from a sales perspective to manage inventory based on slab bundles. Not every slab need to be added. Just add the color category and when those slabs are gone you can set the inventory to in process while you restock which will remove the inventory from the website but not from the entire system .

Front End Presentation

Hare is a implementation of the inventory manger.


Administrative Interface

Here is where we add and manage the inventory. Click the inventory icon and you are presented with your list of inventory items. Click Add inventory to add a new inventory item.

Edit your inventory item is easy by clicking on the detail link and making changes to inventory item. Inventory is provided with a unique ID number when the new item is created. If you have you own stock ID numbers simply replace this id with your coding system

You have all over your inventory images at the bottom of the listing. Upload a new Image or choose from images previously uploaded. Image names are created through the upload process so now you can use images with relevant image names. Images are also automatically resized when you upload to a size that is acceptable to be used on the internet.

If you would like the inventory manager for your website please feel free to contact us 877 877 1916

Free Countertop Company Logo Design

We are offering FREE Countertop Logo Design for your custom countertop business with the purchase of one of our marketing Programs.
* Restrictions May Apply Subject to change with out notice.

We have been providing local Countertops Marketing Services fro Custom Granite and Quartz Countertop Companies since 2009. We have over 200+ websites in market and manage over $20 Million a year in custom Countertop Sales for our partners.

We provide Countertops Websites Starting at $99/month with a $199 Setup Fee. These websites include many of the tools we use to convert clicks to leads. Contact Us today to get started.

This is currently a discounted rate from the $199/month - Limited Time only!

Logo Design: Your not Coke or pepsi so you dont have a product or service that can rely on branding and millions in advertising to brand your company and product. So lets brnad your company with a logo that works for your business and your local representation.

Your logo needs to quickly answer as many of these points as possible.


What... Its clear that your logo should illustrate that you do custom Countertops. This is very helpful to clearly answer this question.

Its very clear that this is a kitchen business from the integration of the countertop into the design. The design is also of the countertops of the kitchen so people can easily make this connection.

Granite & Marble are materials typically used for countertops in the home so this also further enforces that this is a countertop business.

How: Affordable. This is to help classify the type of business this is and how they do business. By naming the business affordable granite and Marble this helps the customer to quantify the type of countertops that would be Affordable.

This is a local business and the logo is seen on tracks and business cards. The domain also has a local identifier to help with the Where.

Here are some more custom Countertop Logos we have created for our partners.

Cabinet Company Logo Design
Countertop Company Logo Design
National Branded Logo Design
Local Countertop Company Logo Design
Local Granite Countertop Company Logo Design
National Countertop and Cabinets Logo Design
Local Custom Countertop Company Logo Design
National Countertop Service Company Design
Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

Countertop Company Logo Design

National Countertop Company Service Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

Local Countertop Company Logo Design

FREE Countertop Logo Design

With Purchase of a marketing Program

Contact Us or Call 877 877 1916

2019 Remodeling slow down... are you affected?

After years of feverish remodeling activity, Americans are starting to cool on home improvement projects.

The annual gain in homeowner spending on home improvements and repairs is expected to drop from 6.3% during the current quarter to less than 1% by the second quarter of next year, according to the Leading Indicator for Remodeling Activity from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

Others, however, argue that the slowdown in remodeling is already upon us. Smaller remodeling companies have been particularly hard hit by this trend, said Robert Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders.

“We’ve been noticing in the data this year that the remodeling market has been cooling,” Dietz said. “The market is cooling among some of the smaller remodelers. If you talk to the larger ones, they’re busy.”

The National Association of Home Builders latest quarterly Remodeling Market Index came in at 55, up one point from the previous quarter but down three points year over year. Figures above 50 in this index indicate that more remodelers are reporting market activity as having been higher rather than lower compared with the previous quarter.

Why Americans are cooling on home improvement projects

Chris Herbert, managing director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies, attributed the slowdown to a confluence of factors. “Declining home sales and homebuilding activity coupled with slower gains in permitting for improvement projects will put the brakes on remodeling growth over the coming year,” he said in the report.

Though existing-home sales rebounded in May, sales activity has been much slower so far in 2019 as inventory has remained low. Home remodeling activity is strongly associated with home sales — sellers will seek to renovate ahead of listing their home, while buyers will make changes to a property so it better suits their taste and needs.

Another factor: home price appreciation has slowed and isn’t outpacing income growth like it once did in some markets. When home prices were rising faster than wages, “home owners felt wealthier and were more likely to reinvest in their homes,” Dietz said.

The bottom has not fallen out of the remodeling market, however. The decline in interest rates throughout 2019 thus far could provide an opening for home buyers. If that sparks more demand for homes, then home prices could continue growing at a healthy pace.

Plus, other longer-term trends are beneficial for the remodeling industry. Environmentally-conscious consumers continue to seek out energy efficiency-related improvements, while baby boomers continue to invest in changes to their homes that will enable them to age in place.

“The fundamental drivers of the market are still there,” Dietz said.

source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/home-remodeling-spending-expected-to-slow-over-the-next-year-2019-07-22

Many of my partners for the most part are well insulated from this but we have to prepare for some changes. Its time to look at what we are doing and develop strategies to further keep you insulated from what the rest of the market will feel. We keep the customers coming to you!

Look ahead Local Countertop Marketing to 2019

2018 Was a year of transition. Mobile devices have flooded the market and driven websites to be fast, scale-able and listing priority has switched to how you rank on the mobile search.

So in august of 2018 google was managing 2 databases to drive search results. the original listing and a mobile listing. in august google started to transition rankings to the mobile listings. This took how the website ranked in this new mobile listings as the priority and then re organized the rankings of the websites. Many of our sites did not move. some did.

With our partner websites we have seen a continued rise in mobile device traffic from 50% in early 2018 to almost 65% at the end of 2018.

We have followed these changes through out the year and have made adjustments to some of the website.

We have followed googles lead and seen the AMP project "accelerated mobile pages" flop. We test our pages on googles speed test application and ensure that we are above average for website speed and website development strategies.

One of the biggest issues in order to compete is to scale down the mobile version of the website a lot. We have developed a mobile website platform that is extremely fast but this forfeits a lot of the fancy website design elements that we bring to full screen devices.

in 2019 We will be rolling out a new device detection and mobile website that is screaming fast.

In order to do this the mobile website is void of fancy graphics and animation. Scaled down images and less java script and calls to outside objects.  With mobile We now focus on delivery of content and message for mobile users. to do this the website must load quickly and deliver on your competitive advantages on the first page.  The applications that we build are also going through this transition to ensure that they work even better on mobile devices.

SSL, (https://) Why do we need SSL? SSL is an encryption layer that secures the transaction of the website content over the internet. Primarily designed for eCommerce. Google is now enforcing this for all websites. The main reason I see is that a lot of hacking has been going on in 2018. This hacking has been to add links to websites on the internet and link traffic to website selling specific products as well as mal-wa-re and other ill intended products. This can be as simple as posting a link to your blog to breaking into your websites database or rewriting your websites files. by adding SSL - (by design) your website is then not able to serve links or content that is not behind SSL.  This helps to combat serving links that your website is not intending to serve to the audience.

Many of our websites and our partner websites have this in place for 2018 and we are rolling this out to partner websites in 2019.

NEW 2019
Our Virtual Kitchen designer is getting a face lift as well as a couple new mobile formatting features to make it more user friendly.

NEW 2019
Same goes for the Instant countertop Estimator which with the new version has drag and drop kitchen layout and passes all the details of the design in the email notification.

NEW 2019
Spark Lead manager
now excepts mobile call to action as a lead type with long code call tracking and we have released a new actionable items section to help your teams monitor actions they should be taking to move your customers through the buying process.

NEW 2019
Color Selection Application
is live with lazy load for fast mobile device loading and each color links now to kitchen bathroom slab and other views of the material. Visitors then select the color of interest and define project parameters to then immediately submit these details for review to you.

All these changes are in effort to increase the websites ability to capture the local customer and continue to drive the ROI. Looking forward to a great 2019.

Custom Countertops is projected to be a 14.5 Billion dollar industry by 2024. We are all position for some solid growth in both residential and commercial custom countertops for the foreseeable future.