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2020 Countertop Websites and Marketing

Check out our recent countertop website creations for our partners all over the US.

We specialize in driving results through direct to consumer marketing. Our website are measured and response is tracked so in real time we can adjust perceived value strategies to reach target ROI goals. More than just a countertops website. A full service marketing strategy to grow your business in 2020 and beyond. Many of our partners also provide cabinets and we have integration strategies to grow full kitchen remodels at a resonable cost per acqisition.

We have been able to continue to drive result through this pandemic. In many cases our partners have accelerated services.

I could not have imagined these results!

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2020 post covid19 - direct to consumer countertop sales

How do we evolve the direct to consumer countertop sales in 2020. 

Think about how to transition more to online and less direct consumer interaction. 

Here is a quick story about my experience before this all happened to us.

I actually never met a sales person when I had my countertops done back in 2015.

Here is how it worked.. I looked for a company that was not afraid to publish a price online that seemed reasonable. When I called them to discuss what I was looking for they were very clear about the process and how the pricing worked. 

I looked at some colors and textures of material that I found online and collected a few colors that interested me.

Planning prior to company interaction

I took some basic measurements, drew the shapes of the countertop pieces, applied the measurements to the drawing and emailed that to sales.. Based on this the sales person was able to estimate the square footage and give me a ballpark price based on levels of materials that I also provided. 

In this case they sent me to a slab distributor where we were able to see many slabs in person in a large warehouse and my wife and I could see all the various materials. I was able to direct my wife to material that was in our budget based on the information provided which helped us stay focused on what was reasonable.

Based on the material and the specific requirement of my project I was given a price as long as the measurement that I provided was not off by too much the price would remain the same. This was reasonable. I said the sf was 52 and they came back with 55. I selected an undermount sink that I wanted and they provided this as well.

All kitchens are not created equal

My specific design had one section that was very close to being too large to avoid seams on the slab I selected. The sales person notified me that the specific slab I chose would have required a seam but material was available that could avoid this as it was available in a slightly larger size. This then meant that I would have to either go look at the slab or trust them that the slab was acceptable. My response was I will trust that you would not put anything in my house that you would not put in your own, and agreed to proceed without seeing the actual slab. 

At this point an onsite template was required and installation. These 2 events were scheduled on the one call and within 2 weeks our new countertops were installed.

This limited exposure to staff and the process was very easy. The slab yard was in a busy city but only 5 other people were at the slab yard looking at material at the same time. I was only exposed to 1 person at the front desk that asked who my company was and handed me a form to complete once I had selected material. 

When all was said and done we were very happy with our new granite countertops.


  • Providing PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks, gloves and sanitation sprays and wipes for staff that enter the home and provide this for your worker when interacting with the customers. 
  • If you have onsite material. Limit the number of people that access your indoor slab yards. Move natural material to outside yards when possible.
  • Request Appointment only for onsite visits to manage the number of customers at your location at one time.
  • Define the process on your website to increase customer confidence and that interacting with your countertop business will be a safe experience.
  • For customers that are not able to take measurements encourage them to send you photos of the project where you may estimate the surface square footage based on cabinet sizes and recognizable items in the kitchen.
  • I suspect a large portion of the population will have a level of germafobilia on the other side of this pandemic. Even if they don’t they will appreciate that you have adopted policies that put the general customers safety first.

We are FireUps.

We specialize in direct to consumer marketing service for customer countertop fabricators.

Marketing a custom Countertop shop will have new challenges as life gets back to "normal". Our Solution is powerful in that we can react in realtime to these new variable and provide data points around how we are reacting to these new market conditions. we can quickly adopt and change our business processes to ensure that we are meeting sales objectives. We do have market exclusivity factors so be sure to contact us soon if you would like to join us in the post March 2020 countertop industry.

Customer tracking

The only way to react to the changing market is to track your customers. To use marketing to understand what your customer is reacting to and change your practices and message to attract your customer. I do this in real time and provide statistics that we can make business and message changes to increase market share. All these principles can then be applied to any other channels that you use to drive the local consumer. We have been using these practices for the past 12 years to grow many custom countertop shops around the country.

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Countertop Marketing 2020

I would like to introduce myself. I am Paul Gallagher owner of Professional Remarketing Group, and the FireUps Local countertop marketing solution.
My focus is on direct response marketing and lead tracking to see ROI in real time. Since 2009 when i had my first countertop partner I have grown this service to providing over $20,000,000 per year in direct to consumer countertop sales nationwide.

"My denver partner would have closed 2 weeks ago based on the dip in activity. We quickly made and adjustment to message and bounced right back to solid response from the market. As we roll out into the coming weeks we will then be making more adjustments based on how far out the book out is as well as responding to any supply chain issues as they arise"

The key to our success...

...through this difficult time has been our ability to see and track response to programs and adjust perceived value to ensure that any customers in market are continuing to come to us. We track the click through the sale with our lead management tool. This enables us to make adjustments on the fly and respond to changing market conditions rapidly.

I specialize in direct to consumer marketing for the countertop space and have been honing this service since 2009.

I found when stock markets fumbled in 2008 a focus on investments in tangible items increases and we could be in good position to grow your direct to consumer sales. Investments in the home have the prescription of a stable return on investment so a tendency to put money into the home will increase. Especially if home sales and values slow or decline.

Many of your local competitors may not come back from this.

Especially if we see supply chain issues in the foreseeable future.  Access to slab yards and certain products could cause issues for some and make it difficult to provide service. We will look at your position and make adjustments to message and perceived value to tap into what the post 3/2020 customers looks like. Desperation could settle in and we could see wild changes in competition and strategies. This is where our ability to track and monitor success will be essential to navigating the next weeks months and years.

Key Employee Changes

  • You may find if you had to close that key employees could now not be available.
  • New Employees may be available from other businesses. This can strain your business or your competitions business. It is essential to be aware of this and react quickly to employee issues to continue to provide service.
  • Stepping up policies for sanitation for your facilities and for your interaction with people and their homes. This will be important in the short term for both your employees and for your customers.

Bailout monies

Get in line to get yours but from what I can tell this will cover payroll employees and operating expenses "without payback". Any other use of the money will have to be paid back with interest. That leaves owner operators without a bail out.

I will work with you to leverage what we will find as new competitive advantages
and help you adjust strategies in real time as businesses get back to work in the coming weeks.

Lets partner up and grow your countertop business!

877 877 1916

2020 Crisis Marketing

We have been doing well keeping the flow of customers to our partner shops around the US.

In some parts of the country local states forced business to stop operating and many others are at gatherings no more than 10 people.

We continue to meet demand and react to changing local situations on a case by case basis. Adjusting marketing strategies and boosting response in real time.

Surprising to say many of our partners have not skipped a beat and actually are continuing to manage and extend "book out" during this trying time.

As we get the go ahead to start operations again, in markets that closed, we will roll out new strategies somewhat in reverse to get countertop business started back up again.

New Countertop Business World

We formulated strategies to help with consumer interaction and policies to help increase consumer confidence when working with the countertop shop. The world will be different on the other side of this and we will need to show customers that we have taken procaustion to keep our customers and our partners safe.

Some examples:

  • take certain measures in your showroom for sanitization of surfaces. Document this so that the consumer can see that this work has been done
  • During interaction with customers home eg. templating & installation - wear mask and gloves whenever possible.

Many business are scheduled to roll backout in the first week of april.

If your operate a custom countertop company and would like to work with us to grow your business out of this crisis please give us a call. April will be a very busy month relaunching many existing partners and we will use the same principles and proven methods to bring your company on board.


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$20,000,000 per year in sales for our partners!

We have reached $20,000,000 in sales per year for our countertop partners.

Thank you to our partners for working with us as partners to build on our success. We have a turn key solution to help custom stone fabricators reach a local audience and develop a sales and marketing strategy that can help them grow in to the local powerhouse.
Our program works by working together to define a program goals and objectives and adjusting our message to ensure that we maximize on the local market potential. The difference between success and failure is razor sharp. With our program we are able to in a short time and based on our 10 years of marketing customers countertops we are able to impact your custom stone shop in a short time.
The bases of our success is communication. With open communication we are able to drive response, track consumer flow and track Return on investment. With this information your are able to control and grow your business as you see fit.

Sounds too good to be true, I know, it's NOT!... call 877 877 1916

Join us with a partnership in your local market. 

Granite Countertops Advertising Marketing Results

We have many website that are ranking on the first page of the major search engines and even in the #1 Position.

See these granite countertops examples:

"Granite Countertops buffalo" you will find
"Granite Countertops South Carolina" you will find
"Granite Countertops phoenix" you will find
"Granite Countertops Austin" you will find
"Granite Countertops Long island" you will find
and many more...

4 major factors contribute to this high rankings:

Relevance: The website is highly related to the keyword that is being searched for. The website is constructed in such a way to attract customers with optimized content to be displayed in the listing and the website landing pages are optimized to the target keywords being searched for.
Keywords: Targeting your local market and ensuring that the on page content relates to the search term.
Domain: Keyword rich domains are one of the highest ranking factors for creating relevance to the search term.

The above factors are mandatory for high rankings. BUT! in order to stay on the first the last factor is required.

Perceived Value: Without perceived value you will not stay on the first page for long. Ensuring that actionable copy is in your SERP content is essential to staying on the first page - Watch out because the search engine does not want that in the listing. They want you to pay for advertising to put your perceived value on the SERP's page. Be prepared to move your content around over time.

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FireUps Helps Granite Shops Turn Website Visits into Paying Customers

Joel Davis 

Special Contributor

FireUps Helps Granite Shops Turn Website Visits into Paying CustomersGranite shops waiting for their sales to catch fire can get some expert help in igniting customer interest with FireUps internet marketing services.
Paul Gallagher, owner of FireUps, has been guiding granite businesses in the development of high-return internet marketing strategies since 2009. “What I do is get them started with going directly after the consumer with a pay per click advertising budget and construct a website for them, or use one of my existing brands,” he said.
Gallagher now represents about 25 clients all over the U.S. Many of their referrals are generated through his corporate website,, which provides customized information about each of his clients in their own local markets. “Based on the local IP address of the visitor to the website, the content of that website is changed to represent them in the local area,” he said.
This is just the beginning, though. Gallagher’s efforts don’t stop with giving clients access to customers through
“If they have a corporate website already, I say, ‘Great, keep it, hang onto that,” he said. “I put them on my granite makeover website in that market, and we drive all the customers there. We look at their corporate branding as a whole and possibly create other localized websites for them. We attack this on all fronts.”
One of the best examples of the benefits of a thorough internet marketing campaign is the client that led Gallagher to discover he could fill service needs for the granite industry, which has been the basis of his business since.
The owner of a shop in New Hampshire approached Gallagher for help with building a website and then marketing his services on the internet. The business had great potential not yet being capitalized upon.
“He was on a major road, 26,000 people a day drove by his showroom, and he was doing two sales a week,” Gallagher said.
The first hurdle was helping the client realize the need for a realistic marketing budget. “He came to me with a quote from a large (internet marketing) organization,” Gallagher said. “They said $500. I said, ‘It’s not enough money– how many sales are you looking to generate?’ I said, ‘We need to go into market with a $1,500 budget, and we’ll see what that does.’”
Although the client was unsure about committing that much money, Gallagher convinced him to undertake a trial venture. “I said give me $750 to start, we’ll run it over two weeks and see how many people we can get in the showroom. So we did it.”
That’s when the client hit pay dirt. “In two weeks I went in to sit down and get the next half of my payment, and it was standing room only in his showroom,” Gallagher said. “I couldn’t even get his attention. Because he had the right sales infrastructure and the right business process, it was just perfect. That company is still with me today. Five years later, they are doing about 50-80 countertops a month with me as their only advertising.”
Internet marketing is controllable. Clients can easily adjust their online presence as sales volumes increase. In the case of his first customer, Gallagher said one of the logistical challenges was adapting to success. “Within three months we had to back off on advertising because there were too many sales happening,” he said. “It’s a controllable marketing challenge. Drive sales volume up until you feel pain on the other side. That gives them an opportunity to correct operations in the back from a volume standpoint. Then we go back at it again and turn the volume back up.”
The process begins with convincing customers why to take a chance on a participating shop. Competition based on pricing can be the initial lure. “It is a very competitive market,” Gallagher said. “What I have found is that price point marketing can be a stepping stone for a company that is looking to take a piece of their local market. A lot of people are afraid of it. They feel like it is going to hurt their reputation or is going to negatively affect their business, but what happens is it allows them to get their phone ringing.”
Increasing the volume of customers allows businesses to begin tweaking their operations to maximize their attractiveness to new customers. In turn, this lets the shops move away from having to squeeze their own bottom lines to get new prospects in the door.  “It allows them the opportunity to talk to some people in the market and find out what is really going to make that sale happen,” Gallagher said. “As we increase the traffic, they are able to lighten up on the price point marketing. This is a transition I’ve got to take these guys through.”
One of Gallagher’s clients has competitors whose prices are 25 percent lower but remains more than competitive despite the difference.  “He’s developed a brand,” Gallagher said. “He’s developing a reputation in the market and a consistency that is allowing him to keep going.”
The clients who use FireUps’ services provide enthusiastic testimonials about their effectiveness:
“Using FireUps is the best thing that happened to me; our business would not be the size it is today without Paul’s talent. We would not give up our relationship with him, period. We have tried many marketing plans, none of them produced. Paul’s system took a couple days to produce and it hasn’t stopped yet.”
— Max, Phoenix

“Granite Makeover is the driving force behind my consumer leads; it brings in at least 40 potential customers a month. From the first day I called Paul, three years ago, through today, he has always been genuinely interested and invested in the success of my business. He always actively listens to me and incorporates my ideas into the equation. Paul’s wealth of knowledge about the natural stone industry and the inner workings of search engine optimization gives him the edge that no one else can offer. What that means, ultimately, is now you and your company have the edge over your competition.”
— Lloyd, Virgina.

“I have been working with Paul from FireUps for a number of months now and have seen not only a dramatic increase in sales volume but more importantly a marketing program that is controllable. With Paul’s program I can virtually, in real time, turn the lead volume up or down as my schedule allows. Paul is extremely responsive and takes the time to understand my individual shop so to target the message I want to get out. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him!” — Chris, New York
Gallagher has a background in graphic design and website development. His education in internet marketing began while working with a car loan company in the early part of the last decade. “My job was to purchase all the media to generate the leads, and it would go into our national distribution network of car dealerships,” Gallagher said. “Through that, I got to manage some really large budgets and got an understanding of how to drive business on the internet.”
This led to learning opportunities during other ventures. “I got into mobile marketing building landing pages for mobile devices and understanding the new mediums that were coming out,” he said. “It was great working for Fortune 500 companies, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, lots of big brand names we were working with. I got bit by the internet marketing bug.”
What makes FireUps different from other internet marketing firms is its focus on individual clients. “What I offer that my competitors don’t is a direct marketing channel,” Gallagher said. “The customer is exposed to the information about what their business provides in quality and services.”
One website that Gallagher considers a competitor makes its own clients fight for customers in their local markets. “What they do is provide the consumer with a sort of one-stop shop for project needs,” he said. “When visitors to the website fill out that form, they don’t know anything about who they are choosing from. Then it goes to four people in the local market that are interested in paying for that person’s customer information. They all compete for that business, trying to get that first appointment. The leads I generate are typically more quality.”
FireUps is committed to not undercutting its own clients, Gallagher said. “Based on market size and potential sales opportunities and dollar commitment level, I provide them with an exclusive relationship,” he said. “They are able to feel confident that whatever they share with me is not going into the hands of their local competition.”
Clients that meet Gallagher’s minimum criteria get exclusive access to FireUps services in their local markets. “I will not work with anybody else in that market,” he said. “What’s important is the relationships that I build with these fabricators. I share a lot with them as well to help them grow their business. The exclusivity element is important.”
FireUps is promoted through the classified ads in the Slippery Rock Gazette. “It’s been very useful,” Gallagher said. “It’s brought me very good quality contacts and people who are looking for this service. I’m very pleased with how its worked for me.”
For more information on FireUps, call 877-877-1916 or visit the websites


FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!
FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,
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Would you like 10, 20, 30+ more installs per month?
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We customize one of our brands with your information, offers, photos of your work and testimonials. Based on our current placement in search engines as well as our national advertising power we drive buyers to you in your local market. Our Premium brand is going fast but if that is taken we have additional brands like, and more for markets that GraniteMakeover is not available.

Lead Quality?
Our leads are as good as they get! Since we educate the consumer on your specific offers and the quality of your work customers will be educated on your specific services before they reach out to you.

How do I measure my ROI?
We track everything, from every phone call to web form submission our website have instant estimators, virtual kitchen designers and stone color search features that help the customer help themselves through the early stages of the buying cycle and with our help this takes place with your content.

How do i define my offers?
The most important factor to your success is creating perceived value. You can do this through packaging, price point and/or through providing photos of superior quality products and service and testimonials. If you need assistance with this please fell free to contact us and we can help you with a free 30 minute phone consultation. We work with fabricators and kitchen shops all over the country and in a few other countries. We help fabricators, professional sales people and kitchen shops compete/dominate online.
Do you need a website or does this affect my website in anyway?
NO! This service is completely separate and has no effect on your current website. Everything we do will be tracked and you will know what is coming from us verse your other efforts.

Why two sales?
2 Sales would put you under $200 cost per sale. Since this program is unlimited leads you should do better than 2 sales but not every fabricator is created equal when it comes to sales and understanding how to promote a business. We are setting the bar low. Houston client did $15 Cost Per Sale in the first 2 weeks, yes I said cost per sale.

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  6. At the end of 30 days we will touch base with you and see if you wish to continue the service or if you would like a refund.
Complete the registration form

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*If you are unsatisfied with the service in anyway during the first 30 days you may cancel by sending an email. Upon cancellation, all your details will be removed from our brand websites and any obligation to provide services to you will be dissolved. You will provide us license to display content that you provide and will not provide us with any copyrighted content that you do not own. We reserve the right to cancel our relationship with you without notification or reason. If this cancellation happens prior to the end of a billing cycle you will be refunded your subscrition fee to the next 10 days. Refunds will be processed within 15 days of receipt of request. Restrictions may Apply. Subject to change without notice. New customers only. Offer Ends 1/1/2014

FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!

FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,
partner with FireUps® TODAY! 603 617 3877