We will create a local targeted countertop Fabricator website that has Organic SEO baked Right in.

With over 200 websites created for custom countertop shops we have the tools to help you get ranked and stay Rank for local search.

We will create a website for you with all the components to rank in your local market or tap into a market that you would like to rank/Optimize for.

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Countertop Website Starting at $59/month - Limited Time Only

Turn Key Countertop Website ready to go:

Demo Here

Our Countertop Website are designed for Search Engine Optimization

FireUps countertop Websites have tools to engage and capture lead data

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FireUps Countertop Websites track interactions to measure ROI. 

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FireUps Countertop Websites are managed and updated so you can focus on product execution

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We have a countertop partner program

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Over 1,000 first page rankings for our countertop websites in the custom countertops S.E.R.P.

  • We have countertop directories
  • Inventory marketing links
  • Multiple blog websites 
  • Social Media Pages, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Content Marketing websites that auto build links in real time

Instantly Leverage our network of websites to move your countertop website to the top of local search. 

Every time a customer uses the website your relevant link web grows in real-time with highly targeted regional content

We guide you on how to, and at what frequency we want new content on the website and your business is ripe with quality content.

Website Service Add-ons

  • Google My Business rankings - we will manage your listing and help you move up the ranks
  • Review marketing and Management - We will help you develop a program to increase your rankings
  • Call tracking and Lead Management - Track your websites ability to drive customers vs any other channels
  • Off Page SEO - Directory Management / Blog Building / Inventory Marketing / Remnant Marketing 

Call today 877 877 1916

Countertop Website Starting at $59/month - Limited Time Only

Turn Key Countertop Website ready to go:

Demo Here



Virtual Kitchen Designer: we will integrate a free tool for you or you can use our custom tool that allows you to control the colors available

Instant Countertop Estimator: Lets face it, a large majority of people using the internet to shop for custom Countertops are comparison shopping. Use this tool to engage this audience and capture the in-market consumer

Lead Capture: We have hybrid tools that enable the consumer to enter specific data designed to engage this customer and create a new contact for you!

Lead Management: The best way to engage your audience is to know how and when they respond. Track them through the sales process and track your Return on Investment. We have all this covered with our Spark Lead management System.

This is a complete turn key solution for your countertop business.


These website have been tested in market. They are proven to produce results. For the past 10 years we have been marketing these website all over the US and Canada. We test all the latest trends and create websites that not only look great but also perform well load fast and drive response.

With out national partner base you will have access to resources from other markets to help you grow your business. We specialize in building websites and driving consumers through a marketing designed to increase your sales from day 1.

Website is live and ready to go to work within 48 hours. Our system is fine tuned to get your business up and running as fast as possible.


Local SEO: Even though our process and website creation positions you for good placement in the local search market we have upgrades available to fast track you to the top of local search.

On page and off page SEO: are both part of gaining and retaining solid rankings in the search engines. WE have packages to rank you high for local search marketing.

Directory Marketing & citations: Part of local SEO is having relevant properties pointing to your website, We have packages available to add your business to the right websites to help promote your business locally.

WordPress Content Management System: For those that want to have more control over the content and add colors, testimonials, case studies and more this is a great option to put some of the controls in your hands to add and manage content.

Local Search Engine Marketing: This is where we can really grow your business and fast. By developing your message, call to action and competitive analysis we can dial in your business strategy and grow your sales.

Business Development: With our years of experience growing small and medium size granite shops we have a lot of resources at your disposal. We work with your to grow your business and develop solid business strategies in the ever changing local market.

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Countertop Marketing and advertising services for custom countertop fabricators throughout the US and Canada. FireUps provide turn-key solutions for driving more customer's in your local market. Leverage our expertise and infrastructure we have built since 2008. Countertop Application, Lead Management, Order Management, Countertop SEO, SEM PPC and more. Partner with us and grow your custom stone shop. Our founder Paul Gallagher built this service from the ground up. Prior to 2008 the market for direct to consumer specialty countertops was small. Most customers would go to a kitchen design store for such a need. Combine the housing bubble bursting with new construction slowing and this created demand for direct to consumer custom countertop market. Fast forward to 2021 and demand skyrockets again due to so much money in the market and no where to go. That brings us to today; Inflated home values and high interest rates is putting pressure on the consumer to upgrade existing rather than "moving up". Throughout these years we have been marketing all over the US and tracking the trends from market to market. We work with our customers to track demand and sales volume to position the countertop fabrication shop for success.