Join us and Sell More Countertops!

Unlimited exclusive lead potential for Only $299 per month (50% off Limited time only.). Free Market analysis and countertop promo strategy development. 100% risk free for 30 days! If you're not happy with the service in the first 30 days simply email a cancellation and you will be provided a 100% refund.

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We are expanding our network and expanding our national media buying campaign. Become a partner with an exclusive market on & We market directly to consumers and drive retail customers exclusively to you. As our network expands the more power we will bring to your company to drive retail sales. 


We are offering a six month discount off our normal monthly rate to accelerate this expansion. Normally our partner program is $399/month. For 6 months we are offering this partnership for $199/month. No setup fees or consultation fees to develop the local program and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Grab your market today call 877-877-1916 or fill out this form


Your Requirements 

  1. You are able to sell directly to consumers.
  2. That you work with us to develop a proper promotional strategy for your specific market.
  3. That you follow all your state's requirements for licensing and insurance to operate a business.
  4. That you provide custom countertop services.
  5. You may request markets to be added and removed but it is at our approval to add markets.



  1. That you maintain the above requirements
  2. Any Customer complaint will be dealt with promptly and repeat issues will be cause for cancelation.
  3. You may cancel at any time via email notice with 15 days notice.
  4. We may cancel at any time via email notice with 15 days notice.
  5. You give us permission to advertise your business in the local market on our network of websites and social media pages.
  6. We reserve the right to adjust targeting at our discretion.


What you get!


  1. Select up to 5 cities to target depending on population for exclusive exposure in those markets.
  2. Lead tracking and management of all contacts made through our platform on the spark Lead management system. 1 user included.
  3. Realtime notification of new prospects both via phone and email.
  4. Access to our national media buying services. When we buy national exposure we can drive your local consumer at a lower cost and drive the local consumer exclusively to you.
  5. Exclusive leads. All leads that come through the platform when your business is presented that information only goes to you. This system does not generate shared leads with multiple partners.
  6. Unlimited Leads. We do not limit the amount of leads that come through to your location. 


Grab your market today call 877-877-1916 or fill out this form




  • Where do the customers come from? Local SEO strategies based on 13 years of content development in the custom countertop space. Paid media marketing on major search engines targeting local countertop buyers, Social media content and campaigns as well as video marketing solutions. Our goal is to direct buyers to you to increase conversion and optimize your time to drive the right customers to you so you can close more countertop sales. 
  • How does the guarantee work? If during the first 30 days from launch if you are not satisfied with the solution send your rep an email requesting cancellation and we will start the process and refund the $199.  
  • What should we expect from this investment? Our goal is to get you at least 1 sale in the first 30 days. After the first 30 days we would like you to see more than 1 sales per month. Some partners see upwards of 12 sales per month (on a similar program) but that typically is based on the length of time you have been with us and how aggressive the perceived value strategy is that we are marketing. 
  • Do you have a contract? No contract is required and the terms of the service is based on your renewal. “The agreement” is based on your renewal each month. If you do not renew then you are actively canceling the service. 15 days past the due date of the renewal if we do not have funds then we terminate the account. If we cancel we will provide you with a 15 day notice of termination. The termination is also at our discretion and maybe without cause.


  • What if I get a bad lead? Simply tag the lead ad dead and give a reason. Solicitors and internet trolls will use forms to try to exploit web forms etc. we have many checks in place to deter this but ultimately some get  through. You are not charged per lead so simply dead the lead. 
  • Can I get more leads? We have the ability to scale our programs to grow your exposure and increase the amount of leads you receive. We have many partners doing over 200 retail leads per month. 
  • How do I cancel? Simply send us an email and we will cancel the service and remove your business from the platform. This process may take 15 days to complete. Some content created can be indexed by search engines so this can take longer to be purged. 
  • Can I restart at a later date? Sometimes. We will typically fill the market quickly so we may not have room for you when you want to return. In some cases we will be starting over with new market targets for your business so this can take time to build back up. 
  • Does this affect our current website or marketing? No. we do not reference any of your current marketing efforts unless you specifically request this as that is a separate service that we offer. 
  • What is your experience? We have been partnering exclusively with custom countertop companies all over the US and Canada since 2009. We currently generate over 20,000,000 per year in custom countertop sales for our partners with this program as well as our other programs. Prior to building this network of custom countertop companies our founder managed a 250k per month online marketing budget in the special finance lead generation space and developed a lead management and distribution platform similar to the spark system we have today.  
  • How do we pay you? We have a couple options. We can send you a paypal subscription link as an automated option. We can send you a quick books invoice where you can pay with a credit card or we can put a card on file where you authorize us to charge the renewal amount each month.

Grab your market today call 877-877-1916 or fill out this form