In many markets distributors and getting into the direct marketing game and creating additional pressure on the local fabricator. This system can help you take back the customer and drive the customers through your sales process.
If you have seen ads for granite material starting at $9.99/Sf or less this is material based pricing. This creates high perceived value for the customers and can suck the customer into their process.
We combat this with introducing our own material pricing strategy but we have the advantage that we can illustrate the entire process as we control the process fro slab selection to installation and customer service.
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Integration is a snap into your current website with an iframe or a simple link. We provide ultimate flexibility in pricing strategy and instant price quotes to the customer.
Spark Lead management integration to capture and report on customer interaction.

We are seeing a 33% increase in lead volume and a 22% increase in closing ratio with the price Lock. - Chicago

*** We will partner with you in available markets with a % of sales on closed business. Contact us for details. Qualifications will be required.
Contact us for details 877 877 1916