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We offer specials to help you grow your countertop Business. We have partners all over the US and Canada providing Custom Countertop Marketing Solutions that meet with your ROI goal and help you grow your business.

Current Special(s):

Free Custom Countertop Website

With purchase of 6 month online marketing services

Includes subscriptions to the following Application:

+ Instant Countertop Estimator
+ Virtual Kitchen Designer
+ Call Tracking
+ Spark Lead Manager - Tracking Sales
+ Free Market Analysis and Sales Strategy Development
+ 13+ years Countertop Marketing Strategy Access

This website is developed free for your business. If at the end of the marketing agreement you do not wish to continue the website will be canceled. If you wish to keep the website. then it will then be charges at the standard rate of $99/month from that date.

Call 877-877-1916 or use the Join Us! Form.

We have hundreds of countertop Websites in market. Many of these websites drive traffic to our network of partners. Depending on your investment in your marketing we offer exclusive markets and work with you exclusively in your market to grow your business. We view this as a partnership as with your success we are positioned for success as well. This partnership helps us to develop your direct to consumer message and provides insight into the market in real time. With this information we can test a message against the market and realize what message will drive the right customer to you. This can then be applied to other channels to grow your exposure to the market and control your ROI.

With our system we are able to test | track | and Execute on your local market. This then empowers us to control sales, Manipulate the market and drive business for you. We also are able to monitor sales p[erson activ ity and report on closing ability and enable management to make proper adjustments to staff and training.

This is a game changer for many small businesses to finally have this level of control over sales and the ability to locate and address issues with the team.