Define the colors that you want on the page. Show customers more than a swatch for each color. Integration with the Virtual kitchen designer.

Take the customer from color search to buyer with a simple iframe application on your website or a link from blogs and social media pages.
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On the color page the customer is able to immediately reach out to you via a contact form to inquire about the color they have selected.
One of the deficiency of many websites is that the customer is not able to find and image of the color of interest in its many forms.
Slab View: This can give a realistic view of the material look from a distance.
Close up view: This gives the customer the ability to see the texture of the material.
Large view: This view is used with the virtual kitchen designer to apply to the countertops and relates to the slab view for texture
Kitchen view: This view shows the selected material in use in the kitchen
Bathroom View: This view shows the material in a bathroom setting.
Setup and integration is a snap on your website as an iframe that is embeded into your website template or can be linked to and launched full screen. We collect from you the list of colors that you would like listed and publish this to a special link that you may then share on social media and blog websites.
All leads that are captured are delivered to your specified email address in real time and daily lead logs are sent every morning to ensure that you are aware of all new customers.
All customers are tracked with the spark lead management system. visit for more details
This application can be licensed on a month to month basis. Contact me for details. 877 877 1916

Updated - This application is only $199/month

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