Keep customers on your website and coming back!

Our Virtual Kitchen Designer(VKD) helps visitors to visualize the kitchen upgrade and with the stone selection process. Our VKD is the only one that is customize-able to the materials you focus on selling and is HTML based which means it works on all devices. It also will collect the details of the design and enables the customers to request a quote right from the designer.

Demo the VKD here

It’s only $50/Month with a
30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


Register Here for the Virtual Kitchen designer
Once you have registered we will setup your account to present your colors and to route any quotes to the proper email address. We do this and assign you a clientID which is used in your unique URL. (seen below)


You have 2 ways to integrate the VKD on your website.

With a Link:
Link to the virtual kitchen designer from any website, blog or social media website. The target value will launch the VKD in a new browser window(recommended for link integration)
<a href="" target="VKD">Link or image URL</a>

With an "iframe":
Iframe is the HTML term for displaying a page within a page. We will supply you with the iframe code that looks like this:
<iframe src= width=100% height=700></iframe>


Create your subscription, we will assign your ID and setup your account when your subscription is active. The vkd is only $50/month. You will receive your ClientID via email within 1 business day.

If you need support or any change requests please contact [ Support @ fireups .com ]or contact your account manager.