Through sparks ability to capture leads from specific sources you are then ability to empower your sales force to track each action through the sales process. We provide specific phone numbers and URLs for each lead source whether its traditional media (TV, Print, Radio) we can help you track your sales through the entire sales process.
why is this important to you?
We can't rely on your receptionist to accurately tell your where your sales come from.

When advertise your business it's very important to track:

  • the source of what actually drove the source of closed business
  • the source of business that did not close
  • where in the sales process did new "ups" (leads) Fail and why?
    • Did they fail at the estimate
      • why
    • Did they fail at template
      • why
    • Did they fail at the first phone call
      • why
  • Did the phone not ring from a specific advertising source
    • why

Now Your Marketing Your Business

Your putting your money where it is actually producing results

and you are now driving your business.