FireUps Partner Program

You pay us when you close sales! 

We are introducing the partner program. This program provides a direct to consumer marketing solution where we partner up to dominate your local market and drive local customers to your custom countertop service. No investment from you required! 

Leads are exclusive!

We do not create shared leads like other lead providers where one customer's contact information is sent to multiple fabricators. The difference: We educate the consumer on your business before they become a lead.  Any calls are routed directly to the phone number(s) you provide us. Any web forms are sent to you as our partner in the area. We track every lead we generate and provide you with an online tool to track your customers through the sales process.

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How it works:

Market Evaluation

We will interview you and collect assets to create the attraction pages. We evaluate the market leaders in your area and compare these positioning statements to your positioning statement and competitive advantages. With this exercise we are able to define a promotional strategy used to define your target customers and drive them to you.

Setup Approval

You approve the presentation of your information and we start driving the local customer. No fee for Setup and discovery at this time.

Go Live!

We will send you 10 local customers to start and we are looking for you to close 1. If you are able to close a sale then we have a good chance we can grow your retail business channel. If you cannot, we will then move on and you owe us nothing.

When you close ( You pay us when you close a sale! )

When you close the sale we are looking for 8% of the deposit and the final payment. Once we reach a higher volume of sales we will negotiate this percentage based on your average sale value, your closing rate and our costs to compete in your market. We ask that you send us a copy of the invoice the customer pays you for our records via email with the deposit so we can forecast final payment as well. 

We will show you ways to increase the value of the sale and to move customers into more profitable materials based on our years of experience developing marketing strategies for our Custom Countertop  partners.

If you are not closing at 10% or above then we start to reduce investment in you and may discontinue the partnership. It is essential that you maintain a closing ratio and that payment is prompt for closed business to keep the flow of new customers coming your way. This is our only measure of the health of the partnership and why we define payment for each project to be paid at deposit and at final payment. This helps us ensure that we are not being taken advantage of. 

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This arrangement needs to make financial sense for both of us.

Open communication between us is important to building this partnership together. We will increase or decrease customers based on your needs, target market demand and sales goals. It is our goal to reach your business capacity to provide you opportunity to make decisions to grow if you choose.

Why we are the right partner

In markets that we open to this program we identify partners with the greatest potential for success and a desire to increase direct retail sales. We have an infrastructure that has current representation on line in the target market. We will discuss marketing strategies that will attract the local customers and techniques to increase value of sales. Since 2009 we have developed a network of custom countertops sales over 20 Million per year. Through this process we drive customers from outside our target areas with our organic websites and online applications as well as long standing blog applications and social media. We have proven website presence that enables us to gain placement in search engines quickly if we don't already have first page representation. We don't just partner with anyone. We are looking to build a long term relationship with companies that care about customers and want to grow. 

Once we have established our relationship we can grow it into various different aspects of the business. We act as the marketing arm of your business helping you with everything from Brand development to Business analysis. 

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