Spark lead manager is revolutionizing the way small and medium size businesses manage their customers. The system automatically reports on the contact details an the source of the lead so you don't have to rely on people to record this properly. It tracks your correspondence with the customer and your work flow of the customer through the process.


Sales Pipeline Management

Track your leads by which sales person is working the customers. Transition customers between sales people. See activity by sales person.

Lead Management

See your leads in the various stages within your process. Active, In process, Pending, Funded, Dead, Deposited.

Work Flow Management

See event calendar by user and setup notifications of events within the system based on users in your company. Manage the back office from the front office.

Event Management

Setup system events to notify employees of future activities to be performed. Estimates Templates and customer interactions an all be scheduled tracked and managed from one easy to use interface

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