Don't Believe the Hype!

So this is a #countertopmarketing competitor that is advising whomever is seeing the Instagram that "countertop shops near me" is a very hot term for generating traffic/leads. I looked up this term and is has next to ZERO search's for it (let's be factual < 1% as compared to these standard terms).. It's not even a suggested term until you type "countertop sho... because the more traffic is generated to "countertop store.... which would indicate a much HOTTER .. terms .. LOL

"We "Searcher" rarely use the term "Countertop Shops" as pointed out by the data.

"Near Me" Searches are related to voice search...

So if you targeting voice search results then you should use keywords that a human would think to say.  "I am just saying"

Most humans use store when looking for a product or service.

Something like these statements

"Countertop stores near me"

"Countertop store near me"

"Countertop Fabricator near me"

but what blows these all away by the data... are

"granite countertops near me"

"quartz countertops near me"

"custom countertop store near me"

"countertop store near me"

Industry pros might use this slang term "shops" or  "shop" but this is less likely

This is what I don't like about "Marketers"

They read trade publications and recommend sh..i mean stuff that are actually not true or that they are trying to create a buzz around.. It's like the designers of today pushing brass hardware right now... OMG.. please.. Don't fall for brass.

How long did it take for us NOT to have brass door knobs???

It took decades of cheap brass door knobs to be liquidated.

In My Mind I envision my partners/clients as business owners

Business owners that want to grow sales/profits.

The reports that my system generates is based on lead volume and closed business tracked by internal Sales people.

I don't talk about SEO and SEM until you ask me too. I don't fill you full of statistics to make myself sound smart and use these stats to diffuse your concerns and get you to stop complaining.

I learned a long time ago if you see the return on your investment then we will keep working together and grow your business.

So to all my current and future partners.
The snake oil marketers have arrived in the countertop marketing space so be vigilant! 

My System

The way that my system works is that I am connected to your success and if I go and waste money chasing a term like this, it's going to affect me as well. This will affect them at some point.. giving countertop marketing customers bad advice will eventually catch up with them.

My goal is to create a partnership

that is profitable for the countertop shop. That I help you grow your business and fix issues with the sales process.

One of his customers called me the other day looking for some countertop marketing help. I ask myself, if this guy is so good why would she be calling me? I refer you back to the Snake oil comment.

As I find more of these kinds of claims I will add more details here.