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granite countertop marketing plan

Your granite countertop marketing plan should include some form of advertising/Marketing budget. Most small business will spend between 6-10% of sales. Your starting target budget should closer to 10% to establish a brand and representation in the market place.
Our goal is to get you to the 6% range within 3-6 months. We do this by starting out with a perceived value campaign to get the phones ringing and the sales process dialed in. During this time some very valuable information shakes out about your local competition, what perceived value strategy will work in your market and whether you have the correct infrastructure to deliver on your values.
Before the internet this process took months to years and a lot of money but today we can figure this out in a matter of weeks. We can adjust your infrastructure in real time to ensure you have the right people providing the right job functions and start monitoring your sales pipeline to project profit.
Once we have this knowledge we then can begin to scale up your sales to meet your full potential. We can tailor your message to maximize profits based on your desired infrastructure.
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