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Is your Website Mobile friendly enough?

SPEED! - Too often responsive website are too SLOW!

We have been building responsive website for some time now and we find that. Responsive websites are great but for the truly mobile website: being responsive is just not enough. The page load times are just too high to crunch all that content. The device does a pretty good job at down sampling the content but its just not enough.
For the service based business where you need to provide fast access to the products and services that you offer as well as hours, emergency contact details, locations etc. you want  a mobile website. Once that is designed to provide your basic branding but more focused on what the customer needs from your website while mobile.
This website although responsive has a separate mobile website. Once that is focused on the products andservices that we offer and gives the consumer the information that they need quickly.

How much is a mobile website?

Free with one of our other programs or
Setup Starts $199 and hosting is $9.99/month