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How to market a Granite Countertops Business in today's economy

We have found a couple common scenarios of the current state of granite countertop businesses.

  1. Does not currently work with the public - Wholesale situation where no front end to the business exists and all sales are handles by GC or kitchen stores.
  2. Small showroom connected to fabrication with little direct sales and attached to a couple builders.
  3. Direct to consumer established business more evolved into a kitchen remodeling company - usually find a cabinet, flooring and tile solution.

As with any business its important to track your sales funnel. Once you can measure where your business is coming from then you will be able to market countertop your business and stop relying on the secretary to reporting on your advertising.
Know who you are or who you want to be as a company (What are your values). Take that and look online at your competition, see what they are doing, what message and perceived value they have. See how you stack up. If you were on the first page would you be positioned to bring that customers to your store? If the answers is Yes go to the next paragraph .. if no then you need to figure out how you are going to compete.. define your values.
Start testing your message online first. Its the fastest way to reach the largest portion of the markets. Create a simple landing page or small website and pay to put your audience on it. Quickly figure out what is going to make your market respond. Once you know what message is working to bring you the right customers you can then expand into other traditional means of advertising your business.


Spent $2000 received 150 calls and 50 RFQ - Closed 5 jobs avg sale ($2000) gross $10000. YUCK! CPi = 20%


Your Advertising is working to drive people to the website- Your website is effective at extending the message and creating leads for your sales. Your CPL = $20

The BAD:

Looking at these numbers alone you can tell the issue is post website interaction. Either the promotion too bait and switch or your sales person has no idea what you are doing online, You have a weak process for managing the customer and moving them through the sale, or the most common reason for low conversion - You are not answering the phone and calling people back when its convenient for you.

The silver lining here is that you can now point at the problem, fix it and try again.

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