I Need More Countertops Sales. How can they sell for that?

Every year it gets more and more competitive. Everyone wants More Countertops Sales

As the housing market is slowly making the swing back I would have expected to see some of the tactics to gain position to lighten up a little but the inverse is true. Solid surfaces and quartz now under heat for safe labeling practices and the constant barrage of designers looking to sway consumers to more expensive solutions and fabricators scrambling to undercut each other. all I can say is ... Work Smarter Not Harder!
In some markets we have had to get pretty creative and we have a new solution that could just be the right angle for you. Because this is so top secret we can't tell you all the details about the solution here but let me leave you with some results.

More Countertops Sales, In the first 10 days of launch of this solution in a major metro that is very competitive we have seen a 33% increase in lead volume and a 100% increase in connection with the customer that is in market ready to buy!

WOW right!
Contact us if you would like to get in on this new positioning strategy in your market.