FireUps Provides Local Paving Marketing & Advertising
for contractors! We have launched a pilot marketing program in Phoenix.

Let me tell you a little about the initial launch:

We put up a property with the call to action "Best Price Guarantee". We put 120 local paving customers on the website and 0 response. The website is simple with 4-5 page and photos of the clients work. Response from the marketing was 0 customer initiated response.

Relaunch Paving Website


Over $750,000 In Bids in 2 weeks!!!!!! - Results may vary.

I stated to the business owner that we need to engage the customer and provide them with information they are searching for. I created an instant paving estimator where google searchers would be able to take basic measurements and input them into the estimating tool and get back a ballpark estimate. The website was exactly the same except for the call to action changed to "instant paving Estimate" The next 120 local Paving customers has turned into 12 estimates and enabled our partner to bid out over $750,000 of commercial and residential paving work.

Game Changer!

The instant paving estimator can be linked from or embedded into your website or social media pages and has the potential to generate a lot of revenue for your business.

Check out the Instant Paving Estimator Demo


Option: Local Paving Website

Many of you already have a website and established relationships with other companies that keeps your operation moving. Exposing pricing details on your current website can pose and issue for your existing relationships. We have the marketing asphalt online solution. We have the ability to help you attract more customers on a secondary brand. This brand we manage for you and help you to target the customer that is "shopping the estimate" they already have.

We can help you build that direct to consumer channel that you have been looking for.

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