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2018 granite countertops websites

Our Granite Countertops Websites ROCK!

We have been creating market leading websites for our partners now for 8 years. We understand what the "Buyer" is looking for, and we give it to them.  we optimize for conversions and not for pretty pictures or flying animations. If you are looking for results (=sales) call us 877 877 1916.
Google is now looking for AMP enabled websites and giving preferred placement for them in mobile search. The mobile traffic on the internet is growing more and more every day. you cant ignore the mobile experience any longer.
This is an example of a recent granite countertops website that is AMP'd for mobile user experience. The website is created for both online and mobile user experience. Google now is giving priority placement for websites that provide a AMP'd User experience. basically this strips all the extraneous content and helps the website load fast and get the customer to the content as quick as possible. The nice part about this is that if they are interested in your mobile version of the website at the bottom of each page they can jump out of it.
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If your looking for pretty pictures and animations, and low sales... call them.