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Start a countertop business Phase #3

Fabrication - Additional employees are required - A facility to fabricate - equipment - Tools- Consumables - At this point you may be in a position to buy a business that is going out of business and secure much of what is needed for pennies on the dollar.
Lets keep you at the 80 jobs per month from phase #2 and show how we grow revenue from the current sales volume.
We will make some assumptions for this revenue model

  • The target sales price will be $40/SF all in
  • The average kitchen is 50 SF
  • Fabrication costs $8/sf
  • Employees Installation costs (Installers and reception)
  • Material costs start $8/sf

Hard costs are $16/SF leaving $24/SF for employees , profit and marketing

  • The average sales invoice is $2000
  • of this $800 went to pay for fab and material
  • leaving $1400 for employees, profit and marketing.

Example:  Your team has the potential to sell and manage 40 jobs per month.

  • Sales = $80,000
  • Subs & material = $31,000
  • Employees (tough to tie to /SF) = $24,500
  • Net revenue, employees & marketing = 24,500

Estimated marketing costs of 7% of sales ($5600) leaves you with a net profit of $24,500 per month. Not to shabby!

$960,000 in sales
Potential annual net: $294,800

-- from this you will have insurance, equipment, retail space, and additional potential costs based on how you plan your infrastructure.

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