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First Page for Google rankings in your Local Market for your countertop website is not as difficult as you might think!

The key to ranking in your local market is relevance. We have a program to rank your countertop website first page Google where we work with you to create relevance and move you to the top of the search engines for your target locations. I see many countertop websites that fall just short of achieving this goal. Partly because the developer of the website shortcuts the content development requirements.

countertop website tampa


Open google and search
Quartz Countertops Tampa


Open google and search
quartz countertops long island

Countertop Website irginia


Open google and search
Quartz Countertops Richmond

countertop website NH-ME-VT


Open google and search
Granite Countertops NH


Open google and search
Granite Countertops Knoxville

*recent build

I could go on but you get the point.

We work with your current team to correct issues and create content value. We leverage our infrastructure and push your website up for target terms to gain exposure 24/7/365

How do we rank a countertop website first page Google ?

We fill this void with a content program to leverage both on page SEO content and off page SEO content to move your website up the ranks in your target location(s). We work with a member of your team to collect assets and targets and each month we create new content for your website designed to move you up the rankings and dominate local search for countertops.

Since 2008 we have been building website for custom countertop fabricators all over the US. Through this process we have built a network of high value website and blogs that we use to accelerate your position and market your service from multiple angles. This instantly adds relevance to your website as strengthens your position for high ranking results.

We generate a report for you monthly of your current location for the targeted terms and track each month where we stack up and the results we have gained.

We can also add the GMB module to this program to optimize your GMB ranking as well.

Example Countertop website first page Google SEO Results

Contact us today for a free consult on moving your business up the ranks.


10 SEO techniques for countertop companies

1. Research target Keywords

We provide this list of keywords that drive buyers to the website.

2. Optimize Titles and Descriptions

We provide direction on this and will audit your current titles & descriptions. Google tends to not use these in the listings

3. Use Header Tags on pages

Of course this provides organization of content and provides context for the skim reader. Search engines use this to index the page and determine what the page is about.

4. Create Quality Content

We work with you to create this content that you already have you just don't know how to use it or you have implementation issues.

5. Build relevant Backlinks

We also provide the backlink strategy  to expand the web of related well ranked content.

6. Use Alt Tags on images

Search engines are not able to read images so they know you have an image but what it the image about. That's where alt tags come in and are important to the context of the page.

7. Improve Website Speed

A website needs to load fast on both a computer and a mobile device. If the page does not load fast then the bounce rate will go up and this is monitored by the search engine and will affect your rankings.

8. Use Internal Page Linking 

Linking the right words on your page to other pages that might be more relevant to another page on the website is a great way to tell Search engines which page to look at for which content.

9. Use Social Media for deep backlinks

This is an off page strategy where search engines track the sources of the clicks and will adjust rankings based on the use and the link to content in the website. This is part of our strategy whe creating content for the website to include content publishing to social media websites.

10. Monitor ranking Your Results 

We provide a report that tracks our efforts to gain rankings for the target terms.


The power is in the content creation and this is where most websites fall short.

A specific technique is used to create and link the content to create the relevance that google is looking for. It's really about the execution of the content creation and that strategy to boost rankings and drive new business.

We work with you to create this content that you already have; you may just not know how to use it or you have implementation issues.

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