New custom countertops business to the area, Owner up from Florida and looking to establish business in the area. It's 2008 and the housing market crashed.

I was skeptical to say the least, that custom countertops would be marketable on the internet. Pre 2008 custom countertops in granite was purchase through a kitchen shop and reserved for the rich.  Little Did I know that everything was in the process of changing.

Demand from the kitchen shops and builders virtually disappeared. If you were going to survive you needed to drive direct to consumer. New construction was drying up but all the people that were putting money into the stock market would be transitioning that money to tangibles like kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

Buying direct from the manufacturer would prove to be very beneficial as this was cutting 30% off the costs to the consumer.

As the consumer stopped putting money into the market they put money into tangible assets such as the home.

This is what triggered the creation of FireUps as a service to the custom countertop fabricator looking to sell direct to the public. With representation many markets throughout the US we are looking to partner with custom stone fabricators to increase exposure and grow the direct to consumer custom countertop market.



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