PRG Design has created a new product called FEED ME!
Want your classified ads on your site?
Want to put other classified content on your website?
Search engines love fresh content! Better listing is search engines means more sales!
This product will take your ads on craigslist and list them on your website as your content. You work hard posting your ads and writing good copy, why not use that hard work on your site as well. This content will help search engines to recognize you as having a website with constantly updated content.
PRG Design provides graphic design, Internet advertising, website development, hosting and marketing to our customers in New Hampshire and beyond. We are the one stop resource you need to grow your brand and your local, regional or global reach. No matter what your industry is, people are looking to the internet first so
be there when they are looking for you.


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FireUps Countertop Marketing

Countertop Marketing and advertising services for custom countertop fabricators throughout the US and Canada. FireUps provide turn-key solutions for driving more customer's in your local market. Leverage our expertise and infrastructure we have built since 2008. Countertop Application, Lead Management, Order Management, Countertop SEO, SEM PPC and more. Partner with us and grow your custom stone shop. Our founder Paul Gallagher built this service from the ground up. Prior to 2008 the market for direct to consumer specialty countertops was small. Most customers would go to a kitchen design store for such a need. Combine the housing bubble bursting with new construction slowing and this created demand for direct to consumer custom countertop market. Fast forward to 2021 and demand skyrockets again due to so much money in the market and no where to go. That brings us to today; Inflated home values and high interest rates is putting pressure on the consumer to upgrade existing rather than "moving up". Throughout these years we have been marketing all over the US and tracking the trends from market to market. We work with our customers to track demand and sales volume to position the countertop fabrication shop for success.