Granite Countertops Advertising

Advertising your granite business is a great way to bring buyers. We provide you with various ways to advertise your business. We have created directories, Co branding opportunities and we help you manage on page and off page SEO efforts.
We find that what is missed in the process is ensuring that you website actually has the ability to hold the attention of the consumer.
This is why we offer applications that do just that. They also help to answer the questions that the searching is looking to answer.
An important process to go through when developing a granite countertops advertising program (or any program) is to

  1. Put yourself in your audiences shoes.
  2. If I was searching for granite countertops what would I be looking for
  3. Which website did I visit from the SERP pages and why
  4. When I landed on those pages what was going though my mind
  5. am I enticed to make that next step

Go through this exercise and this will position you well for making your next step into advertising your business.


Now that you have put yourself in the position of the consumer, look at these same businesses as a competitor. Monitor the perceived value of your competition and define who your competition is. You may not think that you are competing with the pre fab guy but you are. You will need to educate your customer on the difference in the product and service.

Define your competitive advantages

What makes your service better than your competition, what values do you provide to the consumer that can influence buying decisions. This is not friends and family or even referrals anymore. You need to earn this business by understanding these steps in the process of developing your advertising campaign.

Since I mentioned referrals

Your advertising process should include a process for referrals. If you truly provide a quality product and service for a great price than you want to ask for the referral and have a process for managing your referrals just like managing advertising. Referrals will be an important part of growing your business and reducing advertising costs. If you are receiving referrals than you can expect less negative reviews to have to contend with.

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