Granite Makeover Benefits:

1. Local Online Market Penetration – Our service is able to grab local SERP real estate based on our website infrastructure in just days. We are able to dominate searches like
“{Local Identifier} Granite Countertops” in the Organic results.

2. We Market You – We change the presentation of the website to reflect your business, Your logo, Your Phone number, Your value statements, Your address, Your photos, etc. This is important because the customer wants to learn about you the service provider. This shortens the sale for you in that the customer has developed and understanding of the quality and craftsmanship of your work as well as your values based on any offers and promotions we have developed to create greater perceived value.

3. Professional Web presence. The website is constantly updated with real word tested User interface changes. We monitor the activity of the users and the response rates to the various changes that we make and all our customers take full advantage.

4. Content Changes – Your website must reflect your current business objectives. We know this so we ensure that the pages are relevant at no additional change. Its included as part of the overall marketing initiative and benefits everyone when the website is current.

5. Granite Applications – Our applications do 2 things, they maintain the audience attention and answer critical questions that the customer has during the buying process.

6. We always ask for the sale and entice User response. This is critical to the success of your online marketing campaign and why we typically do not market your current website.

7. Co-branding with your logo – Our objective is for the website to reflect your business in your market. The more we can make the customer feel like they are working with a local business the greater the chance they are going to reach out for more information.

8. Ease of use – We give the customer as many ways as possible to reach out to you. We want the user to feel comfortable. We offer RFQ forms, Instant estimates, Kitchen Design RFQ, Instant Discounts, and tracking phone numbers

9. We Track all actions through SparkSM Our Online Lead Management System With Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

10. Back door deals – in this competitive landscape many businesses would like to keep the high end front door while keeping the lights on based on the competitive nature of the down turn economic market and the impact on the construction field. GraniteMakeover can provide this alternative source of customers and your ability to stay competitive.

SparkSM Our Online Lead Management System Benefits

1. Track all your advertising to monitor your ROI from any source.

a. Call tracking – Track up to 3 lines in one interface. Each line can be associated to different advertising sources

b. Manage the status of your leads to monitor your ROI

2. Mobile Application to access your customers from anywhere

3. Finally you will know if those newspaper ads are generating any business.


4. Text messaging new Lead Notifications

5. Daily activity report 10:00 AM EST of prior 30 days activity

6. Multiple user management and activity tracking

7. Shared lead interface – All users can access all leads and any activity and notes are automatically flagged by the user that enters it.

8. The first person that opens the lead in the new status will be automatically assigned the lead but this does not stop other leads from accessing the data.

9. Notifications of new leads can be sent to any user on the system 3 Users are included for free.

10. Color coded lead status for quick review

11. Filter lead list by name, phone, email , or status

12. Quick add feature allows you to track walk-ins

13. Lead view – You can view your leads in the traditional list view or you can view in a calendar view.

14. Any estimates templates or installs that have been entered in to the system can be views on the work flow calendar for easy reference

15. Fuel Inventory System – Add interactivity to your website and auto populate our network of marketing website with your inventory and these sites can come alive with your real-time Inventory.

16. Billing report – Access your billing report at any time and track your bill throughout the month. This is a nice feature for the lead based customers.

17. By keeping track of your leads and flagging bad data leads throughout the month this will keep the month end billing process very smooth. – Bad lead is a lead that has data associated to it that is clearly false.

18. Integration Applications – Quick access to our button builder enables you to create kitchen designer, instant estimator links and more directly to these specific features from anywhere on the internet. Activate your Facebook pages, craigslist ads and more with our app builder.

Application Integration Benefits

1. Instant Estimator

a. Get to the heart of what the granite customer is looking for when searching online. Price.

i. Why is price at the heart of the sale – Because of the economic climate- From the Johnson’s to the Rockefeller’s, everyone is looking at price when it comes to making larger purchases. The key is to provide options and show value, to create greater perceived values and have the ability to bring a customer to the table based on price but allow them to upsell themselves into what they really want.

b. Instant Notification of a customer in market and more details about the actual job at your fingertips

c. Ability to access customer in market in real-time and make an impression.

i. Connected to spark providing optional text messaging service for notifications in real time.


i. Many basic forms are available to capture detailed estimates

1. Edge detail – Edge | appliance | Wall

2. Backsplash – as a defined length

3. Length of each edge is in the US standard in inches.

ii. Requires a valid email address in order to view the estimate details.

iii. Data is available for future reference due to unique assigned ID.

iv. Custom background and text colors to match your website branding.

v. Customer logo can be referenced via full URL path to present on the top of each page.

vi. Preset local sales tax to relieve the user from entering.

vii. Preset to have 3 pricing options 29.99/39.99/49.99 and explanations of each.

viii. Ability to set a custom price of a specific offer

ix. Ability to preset the price of a specific offer and to remove all references of other price options from the interface – except for the open option.

x. Ability to set a liner foot price for edging on a specific offer.

xi. Ability to preset the color selected at the specific price point.

2. Kitchen Designer

a. Interactive application enables the user to visualize their kitchen by associating granite colors and textures to cabinet colors and wall colors.

b. This application answers some of the questions the customer may have at different stages of the buying cycle and push the customer one step closer to purchase while they are being exposed to your brand.

c. Easy integration – Integration is as simply as copy and paste pre built URLS or code snips

d. Integration with social media, and classified sites is a snap


i. Default colors are all the typical Brazilian colors with color names

ii. 6 cabinet colors are available

iii. 16 Million Colors for the walls

iv. 3 backsplash styles available

v. Easy click for quote feature capturing the site details

vi. Easy print feature to create a hard copy of the design.

vii. VKD any color from the granite colors gallery – Search from over 2000+ color swatches and launch into the designer.

Custom Granite Website

1. Replace your aged and outdated brochure-ware website with a state of the art new website built on millions of dollars in sales creating the best user experience and maximizing conversions

2. License – This application is license so that you can take advantage of all new features in real-time.

3. You no longer have to worry about is your website up to date with the most relevant offers. Simply drop us an email and we will update it for you. If you never cared in the first place thi
s is why you are here now.

4. All applications are rolled up into one license. You don’t have to pay for each application as your website will always have the best of all applications on our platform.

5. Instant Local SEO optimization with keyword rich URL.


a. Instant estimator integration

b. Kitchen Designer integration

c. Spark integration

d. Stone Colors presentation changer

e. Contact Us page

f. Additional Pages available upon request

g. Dynamic Photo Gallery


1. Flexible pricing structure

a. Pay for performance – Pay only when new leads enter the system.

i. Low financial commitment

ii. Pay as you go.

iii. Caps to manage expectations

b. Budget based – Join a partnership designed for success. With a concise plan of attack and defined goals our team can work with you to achieve these goals.

i. We review the competitive landscape

ii. We then learn of your competitive advantages and help you to develop a message to exploit these advantages.


a. Exclusive Leads – Every lead that enters our system is exclusive and will only go to one client/Partner

i. Creating competition on the one lead only benefits the company selling the lead. Customers don’t know who’s calling or anything about who’s calling them

3. One Rep - Real professional marketers working on your account and ensuring the best possible outcome.

4. Straight Talk – We encourage our Account Managers and our entire marketing department to straight talk to the client/Partner.

a. The more informed you are on how to be successful the greater the chances are that you will be successful

b. If you are misled in anyway the chances are that you will not last long on the system.

i. An example of this is our budget program minimum of $1500/month. We know that if you spend any less than that per month on your advertising you are not going to be exposed to enough of the market- to drive enough customers to a website- to generate enough leads- to generate the targeted sales goals. Our policy if that is too much for you on the budget program than you should not be on the budget program- End of story.

5. Instant Virtual Marketing Department

a. Access to Design Professionals

b. Access to Marketing Professionals

c. Access to Granite Professionals

d. Access to Network of Fabricators

FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!

FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,

partner with FireUps® TODAY!603 617 3877


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