Online Granite Leads - Working the internet leads.

  1. Answer the phone during normal business hours
    The most important thing that you can do is answer the phone. Be sure that all inbound customer are meet with a pleasant voice and someone that can either table the call for a sales person well or can answer questions with confidence.
  2. If you missed the call .. Call them back ASAP
    The internet customer is one quick search away from the next local service provider. If you can't answer the call when it comes in be sure that you call them back at the next available moment. DONT WAIT TILL THE END OF THE DAY! If you do not call these people back they will find another company that will answer the phone in a timely manner.
  3. Send email responses - Don't assume the deal is sold
    When you receive a webform, RFQ or an estimate send an email and call. Don't assume that they are already a customer. Treat them like a warm prospect and position yourself as a resource to the to enhance the product and process. Be sure that they are aware of the benefit(s) of working with you but don't over sell on the first call or on voicemail.
  4. Follow up with all leads until they are closed.
    You have heard it in the movie rounders, on every call a sale is made, either you sell them or they sell you. Keep every lead alive until either the lead has gone with someone else for the service (find out who and why!!!) or if the project is off the table for the customer find out when you should call them back.
  5. Record detail to review later
    Keep track of each call with the customer, save details that would increase the quality of the next call.. "Johnny has baseball trip next month so we need to delay until September" note this so when you call back you can ask .. how was johnny's baseball trip? This helps make the connection with the customer.. shows that you [pay attention to details and are interested in the customer. This increases the perception of your company in the eyes of the customers and increases your chances to land the project.

The Spark Lead management system provides you with the interface and the tools to manage these details and share them across your entire sales team. The better the customer Relationship Management the better your conversion rate will be and the more sales you will make.


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