FireUps Countertop Marketing And Advertising Specialist
FireUps Countertop Marketing And Advertising Specialist

We provide quality Exclusive Countertops Leads for Custom Countertop manufacturers.

We have been providing Exclusive Custom Countertops Leads services since 2008 for companies all over the US and canada. We have generated almost a quarter of a million exclusive Lead Prospects for our partners. That represents over 62.5 Million in custom countertop sales.

What sets us apart from the rest

is our ability to provide you with instant market penetration and results that you can build your business on.
We are not going to tell you what you can and cannot do. We are not going to tell you one thing wont work while others will.. What we are going to do is position you to grow your business and leverage all aspects of what online and traditional media marketing has to offer by marketing your business tracking results and providing insight from our experience growing custom stone shops all over the country. We are going to listen to you and help you track any marketing initiative that you want.. we are just going to track it.

Services we provide in no specific order:

Countertop Website Design, Countertop Applications, Countertop Marketing, Countertops Advertising, business analysis, market analysis, Strategy Development, Tracking and reporting, Lead Management, Brand Development, Logo Design

Goals we have achieved:

$20,000,000 per year in countertop Sales
over 50 partners
helped 25 countertop business out from the brink ofclosing
built this service during the housing bubble and the economic crash.
Network of knowledgeable business owners to leverage
First Page listings on major search for over 1000 keywords
manage over 250 website properties
developed over 100 brands
Managed partners with 25 sales people to 1 man operations.

We are the first marketing agency to focus on the custom stone fabricator - to provide unique set of industry specific services and solutions and have devloped a powerful marketing strategy to turn a stone business around in a matter of days.

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