Virtual Kitchen Designer

The virtual kitchen designer was relanched today.


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New Features:

  • A more efficient design display
  • the kitchen designer is responsive to the device size.
  • added the quote solution back to the designer

We are still offering the ad supported free Virtual Kitchen Designer for your website.

See it in action: Virtual Kitchen Designer

If you would like to have the virtual kitchen designer on your website. Contact us and we will set you up.
What sets our designer apart from the rest is that you:

  • can specify the stone colors
  • The focus is on countertops not on remodeling the entire kitchen
  • It collects project details
  • Will work with any image on the internet
  • Scales to fit screen size
  • Paid model is an annual license

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So Simple to add to your website:

Source Code:
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="700"></iframe>

The client number defines the colors to display and routes quote requests to the proper email address.

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 FREE With Ad Support || Premium is only $15/Month with automated billing.

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