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We provide digital marketing for countertop shops - Each of you are in a different place with what you know and where you want to go. We listen to what you are looking for and based on our experience help you direct you on execution tracking and various marketing aspects of growing your sales.

Online Marketing should be the first channel a small business or a new business looks at. You can gain instant understanding of your market. Triggers that drive sales. You can learn price point and values of your customers in just a few weeks. Then apply this knowledge to your traditional marketing materials to solidify your brand strategy. These next 5 keys define how we implement, execute, monitor and maintain your online strategy:

  1. Define your Value Proposition.
    What sets you apart from your competition. Use this to leverage your offer and drive new customers to your sales pipeline. Market your best value clearly and straight forward. Avoid the bait and switch and be clear on what is included in the offer. (In this economy marketing price over value is the first step, customer loyalty has taken a back seat to saving a dime)
  2. Make sure website communicates the same way your sales force does.
    You have spent countless hours training and selling and you know what works when you have the attention of your customers. Use this knowledge online and construct a website that follows these same values
  3. Always ask for the sale!
    On every page of your website ask for the sale. Give the visitors a clear path to contact you. The sooner the customer is able to make the connection with your sales path the higher the chance they will purchase form you.
  4. Your website is your extended sales force.
    Make sure it is up to date and has your message. When Your website is developed correctly it will generate calls, emails or foot traffic of customers that already know who you are and what you can do. They will have very specific questions concerning details that we leave off your website on purpose. This is a huge step forward from cold calls from third party lead generators because the customer already knows you. They are not in the position of being approached by 3+ other vendors with the same story.
  5. Customer Service
    This is the best way to get a bad rep online. If a customer does not get what they paid for an was not clear in understanding what they are going to get the online customer knows how to affect your reputation online. Just be sure to set expectations of service with the customer right away.

Marketing your small business online can drive huge amounts of traffic. The idea is to market to specific words that will convert to good traffic. Monitor the effectiveness of the website.. Number of pages viewed.. Bounce rate... time on site.. if the customer is consuming the content as it has been designed you are positioned for success. If we have an online campaign that is driving traffic to the site and we have visitors consuming the content your call to action should be happening at a specific frequency.. I target 1-100 (1 sale to every 100 visitors - every situation is different but for discussion purposes lets use this)

If your product or service has a value of $1000

Average semi specific keywords may cost $1/click

This would then cost $100 to generate the sale

If you currently sell 10 units per month you gross $10,000 with no new ad costs

If you wanted to grow to 20 units per months you would gross $19,000 with $1000 in ad costs.

After the first month your ad costs come from new revenue so the impact on your cash flow is Positive 9k

All we have to worry about now is if your capacity can handle the new workload.

This is the theory I use with all my customers. Once we have the system in place we simply monitor the competition and ensure that we are competitive and monitor the numbers to ensure that we maintain the system. This is all part of your ad budget. You have control over this budget in order to control your sales. No Long term Contracts! Its Like having a full time Marketing Department in your corner maintaining your message and driving new business.

We specialize in small business products and services companies and have significant knowledge of home remodeling such as kitchen remodeling, granite countertop sales and the construction industry. We compete with the box stores very well 😉

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Digital marketing for countertop shops

We will manage and direct you in the creation and management of your online presence. We will help you avoid the pitfalls and use the power of internet marketing to grow your company at your pace. When you choose certain direction for your online marketing you need to know the good and the bad sides, your need to know the requirements of being successful with a specific channel. All to often I see that companies have been pushed in a direction that they were not ready for. Our approach is differnt and is designed based on driving a controled flow of sales.

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