5 top Retail Countertop Sales and Marketing Strategies

We have the numbers to grow your business. We have applies a sales growth strategy to direct marketing budget to help you project sales required to hit target revenue.

Countertop Marketing Budget &  Direct sales projections
This document is a sales projection and is based on averages and estimates.
/monMarketing  Budget500.001,000.001,500.00
Avg ad Cost Per job180.00165.00 150.00
Target jobs per month 2.78 6.0610.00
Avg sf per job45.0045.0045.00
Direct Marketing leads27.7860.61100.00
production SF/Week 28.2361.58101.61
production SF/Month 125.00 272.73450.00
AVG Gross per sf   35.00 40.0040.00
Gross sales per month 4,375.00 10,909.0918,000.00
Ad Costs500.001,000.001,500.00
Gross Sales.
Less Advertising
/yearAnnual Gross Sales 46,500.118,909.09 198,000.00
Operating costs 60%27,900.00 71,345.45118,800.00
Net Profit 40%18,600.0047,563.6479,200.00
Avg Sale Price                                        1,732.50                                        1,980.00                                        1,980.00
Ad Cost to sale10%8%7.6%

The major factors that control the success of a direct online marketing campaign

  1. Ad Budget.

    Define the ad budget by your sales goals. The larger the budget the more effective the program will be. This is due to saturation factor. The more consistent the exposure the greater the opportunity to capture the customers attention and convert to a lead.

  2. Perceive Value!

    Monitoring the competitive landscape and defining your competitive advantages over the competition will help to set your business apart from the competition. These values need to be embedded into the entire sales funnel to help direct the proper customers to your call to action

  3. Home much more business can your infrastructure actually do?

    This is important to predict because when you overload your infrastructure certain deficiencies may start to appear. Over worked staff, poor customer service, poor project management, lower conversion rates to sale, sloppy craftsman ship, costly mistakes. These all can be avoided with proper planning, organization and tracking

  4. Online marketing is price driven.

    Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but if you want to do any kind of volume of sales or operate in competitive markets you need to understand that the person that just visited your website "95% of the time" already have a quote in hand or has already visited another website that set a pricing expectation. Plan your strategy according to this as price point is the first factor and then follows quality, craftsmanship, service after the sale.

  5. #1 success factor : Answer your phone during normal business hours.

    Your customer is one click away from calling the next company, if you are not able to answer your phone because you are busy installing or fabricating assume that your ad dollars are going right out the window. Your chance of closing that customer just dropped 50%. This creates an instant concern for the customer that if they can't answer my call when I am trying to purchase from them how will they answer my call when their is a problem.

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