FireUps® Granite Countertops Marketing System Benefits

We are often asked what are the benefits of working with us verse other companies. So here is a partial list of benefits; these are the ones that we can publish online.

  1. We are Granite Countertop Marketing Specialist.

    We believe that focusing on a the granite countertop niche' service benefits all parties involved.

  2. We have generated over 4 Million in sales in the past 3 years just marketing granite countertops for a few countertop companies

  3. We partner with you, our markets are exclusive so we can work closely together and build a relationship that will last.

  4. We are a small business not an online marketing chop shop. We don't have rock stars sales people. We have professional that are part of the solution.

  5. We offer online lead management for FREE for both online and offline lead sources.

  6. We have incorporated an online CRM application for FREE. This is not a required application but it is their if you need something. this helps communications between ownership sales our team and the crew.

  7. We Track everything for FREE. We track all calls from your website or any other source that you wish to track. This is seamless to the caller and redirects to the phone # of your choosing.

  8. We are looking at your numbers. 24/7 we are monitoring the effectiveness of your account and ensuring that your campaign is on track.

  9. We know how to measure success. We will contact you occasionally concerning the measure of success that we agree upon. This is typically a target ROI and make sure that we are both on track with our goals.

  10. We work with fabricators from around the US. We know what works and we know how to make your phone ring based on our current programs in market.

  11. We will help you recognize places where business can be more efficient. and we can help provide solutions

  12. We offer Inventory management for FREE. Fuel our inventory management system will collect your inventory data and market it online for you as well as make it available to your staff.

  13. We understand. Most granite fabricators have not advertised before. You never had to. We understand and we ease you into it minimizing your financial exposure to give you a chance to see what we can do for you.

  14. We put skin in the game. With our guarantee for new customers we risk our investment in you based on our belief in our program and our ability to evaluate potential partners.

  15. We generate results in days not months. Our system builds your local online marketing up so that we take advantage of all forms of online marketing. We don't play SEO is better than SEM we use them both.

  16. As we work with new fabricators our understanding of granite local online marketing increases and we share this knowledge across the country with our exclusive markets.

  17. We provide you with realtime ROI. You know from day to day the performance of the campaign and as we grow we begin to build the organic SEO side to begin to lower your cost per sale and increase your margins.

  18. We have over 15 year of online marketing experience and we are focusing on the growth of the granite channel with you the local fabricator.

  19. Don't forget, You are in control. We don't have long term contracts, Our Markets are exclusive, and you set the budget based on the amount of new business you want.

One of our first customers projected $400k in sales when they open the doors. They partnered with Us and were able to grow to $1,400,000 in sales in 14 months.

If you want to do more business tomorrow, partner with FireUps® TODAY!

FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!

FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,

partner with FireUps® TODAY!603 617 3877


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