Focus on the promotion!

I have talked with many fabricators all over the country and I hear all the time these great deals they can get on exotics and these premium stones. There is a reason for it... they are not selling!

Focus on what stone is selling. If you actually have a customer that knows the difference between commercial and first quality then this will be a different sales process. Don't get roped into buying better quality stone. Focus on your profit margin on what granite is selling.

These higher priced stones won't make your phone ring... If you have them available ... then when you get them in the door a good salesman can move that customer into these higher priced stones with the right customer and the right pitch. But remember your market narrows fast if you are marketing these high priced stones.
This market today is Price, Price,  Price... then quality and service
I know a guy that was trying to get into the stone business and bought a couple containers of "select quality" tile after 2 years he is trying to cut his loses.

If you can have a competitive offer on some good stone this should be your staple.

This is what will make your phone ring. These high priced stones that you can get a reduced values should be your R&D budget when you have a solid flow from your base business.
If you can promote a competitive product and keep a decent margin you will keep the lights on.
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